7 Lifestyle habits affecting weight loss...

Generally, it is believed that appearance matters a lot, in every spectrum of life, and people would give anything to look their best. That's why the cosmetic and fashion industry generates billions of dollars yearly. One of the most important factors influencing appearance is weight, one can be either can be categorised into obesity or emaciation. Therefore an equillibrum is required, and people spend so much time in gym, while some spend their money on slimming pills, cosmetic surgery, some even observe deliberate starvation, still no visible results is achieved, and hence people become frustrated or discouraged.
Some of the lifestyle habits we rarely observe or take serious could actually be militating against the achievement of desired physical appearance as regard body weight.
So many research have confirmed that the way we look has a massive influence on our confidence.((Schouten, 1991). Therefore it's of utmost importance we tackle some lifestyle habits affecting weight loss. About seven of these habits would be discussed. So don't be discouraged this the solution you've been looking for.
Here are the seven lifestyle habits, affecting your weight loss.

1. Side effects of prescribed drugs: oblivious to so many people, some medications could make all your effort to lose weight futile.
Some corticosteroids, antidepressants,Some antipsychotics and anticonvulsants,even some multivitamin supplements could influence weight gain. Therefore it is important to observe changes in your weight while medicating, so that you can discuss with your doctor on the alternatives or substitutes, incase weight gain is observed.
2. Insufficient Sleep: It is popularly believed that over sleeping could induce weight gain, unknow to so many people that when you are up all night, you are more prone to being overweight than when you over sleep. Findings had shown that poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors influencing obesity. Adults and children with poor sleep have a 55% and 89% greater risk of becoming obese, respectively. Also being awake at night, induces hunger, and more food and junks are consumed before day break, and work is not done over night to aid metabolism. It is advised one gets a good sleep between 10pm to 4am, for sound physical and mental health. Or better still ensure you get a good eight hours of sound sleep at night.
3. Bulky Food Consumption: Most people know when they eat too much, weight gain is imminent, but they don't really know how to control their appetite, and often consume more food than the body requires at a point in time. Everybody's rate of metabolism differs based on lifestyle, job and body physiology. Therefore it is important to have a food diary, and diet plan suitable for one's body and lifestyle. Some foods are meant to be consumed during the day when energy is expended, usually energy giving food, while at night foods rich in protein and vitamins is advised. But overall a food diary should contain a balanced diet to avoid obesity or anorexia.
4. Too much sugar oriented drinks: This is a prevalent factors affecting everyone's weight, across the world, generally people are attracted to different brands of drinks that are sugary, i mean who doesn't love the taste of cranberry juice or other kinds of soft drinks and juice. A single glass or bottle of these beverages and the so called organic juice can contain a similar amount of sugar as several pieces of whole fruit.  They are highly caloric and thus can influence obesity. And the brain doesn't really utilize these excess calories derived from the sugary drinks, so it's stored up in the body, hence aiding fatness.
5. Reluctance to exercise: Exercise has always been a crucial part of weight loss programs or procedure, and it can't be substituted with any other plan. experts often recommend 60-90 minutes of exercise daily for weight loss, and the duration depends on how tedious your routine is, and it doesn't really have to be nerve straining, just start light and you can increase the intensity as you overcome each routine. You may start with 30 minutes of basic workout routine, and as you get accustomed, you can step up your game. And it is advised you workout in the morning when you are refreshed and work fatigue had not set in. Also keep a work out calendar and play that fits in perfectly to your daily schedule, so you won't have reasons to skip exercise.
6. Insufficient water consumption: Now, this is my favorite part, nothing satisfies or quenches thirst like water does. Water has countless health benefits, even with regards to physical appearance, studies had shown that drinking water can enhance calories burned by 24–30% over a period of 1.5 hours (33, 34). Also water aids efficient digestion of food and easy bowel movement, hence the body doesn't accumulates excess calories, if water is consumed adequately. It is advised that at least 5-8 glasses of water or more should be consumed daily, depending on one's lifestyle or body physiology.
7. Excessive cheat day treats: In recent times, most dietrician and fitness professionals, usually draw a weight loss plan, with a day of the week or month depending on an individual's specific plan, in which one is allowed to eat outside the confines of diet plan. Hence, people tend to enjoy the food they have missed and even skip the gym or exercise routine. At times people overfeed on cheap day, and even lose sight of their weight loss goals. Hereby militating against the achievement of weight results. Therefore, it is advised that consumption of junks should be minimal, and food shouldn't always be the order of cheat day. You could reward yourself with movies, gifts or spa experience.
Conclusively, not everyone would have the physique of a professional body builder or fitness model, it all depends on your mindset and how you view your body, so it is important to appreciate the progress or effort you've made, avoid negative thinking that can trick you into believing things about yourself that aren't true. Perfection is an unattainable mirage, no one is perfect, therefore, focus on the good about yourself and keep making progress. You will get there.


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