How to thrive in the fashion business.

In recent times, fashion has taken a massive leap in terms of style, trends and demands, hence making it a lucrative business. Humans are generally drawn to businesses that have promising potentials profit wise, thus, millions of people around the world are starting new clothing lines, stores while some are expanding, to cater for the continuous increase in demands for clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories.
 It could be observed that, the competition amongst brands in the fashion business across all level, be it retail or wholesale, is becoming fiercer by the day. And it takes creativity and dynamism for the big names in the business to thrive.
I'm going to highlight few effective tips on how to thrive in the fashion business, irrespective of what level you are operating.
  •  Survey/ Background check : involves your target audience (men, women, children  or both men and women). What's trending pertaining fashion market, what gender shops the most, which gender has the maximum profit potential.
  • Reports/Brand identity :  Based  on your survey result, then you determine your brand identity, involving your brand name,your brand tag,  mission and vision statement, your brand unique colour and appearance, above all your goals, and customers base, whether it's a gender base or unisex fashion retail .
  • Marketting / Brick site/ online presence:  this is a very effective tactics to increase customers base both locally and internationally,  involves setting up a clothing brand  page on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and even whatsapp, using punch lines,  hashtags, captivating and updated content, also use clear and attractive pictures on post.
  • Customer Relations/satisfaction : this involves the use of empathy, humor and communcations skills,  keep a log book of customers  phone number and birthday,  so you can inform them of special bonuses and promo, send heartfelt wishes on birthdays and special holidays, chat with the chatty ones, once in a while, so as to keep your brand on their mind, and also to stay relevant. Identify each unique customer's choice and want, then you appeal to their choice always. Also give them fashion tips sometimes, so to make them purchase more than they initially intended ,hence boosting sales and their confidence in you. So everyone is happy.
  • Evaluation and improvement : weakness and strength analysis should be conducted weekly,monthly,quaterly and annually. This would help determine if goals are achieved, progress made or otherwise, and overall helps in future stipulations of goals. Conclusively, always put your customers interest first, while you are doing that, you are making profit and instilling loyalty in them. For further guidance and consultation, leave a comment, or send an e-mail.