Shocking!!!! The game just implied he slept with Kylie Jenner

The game surely knows how to stir up a scandalous uproar. Several times, he had implied he slept with half the kardashian/Jenner clan. And just recently he had raised the point again.
Last Thursday night, the game specifically implied, he also slept with Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the kardashians. He dropped the line like a bomb, after he gave the gory details of how he ejaculated in kim's mouth and she swallowed the whole content. Crazy, isn't it? And here's his line about Kylie. “Her sister made a billion in makeup/I used to make her frosted flakes when she wakes up," he was definitely suggesting he had Kylie on his bed all through the night, and a lot went down, such that he made a light breakfast of frosted flakes for her.

But we are still wondering if Kylie was still a teenager when the game had sex with her, since it was all in the past and we can't really give the actual number of years back. But if it were true, the game may be risking a legal law suit or backlash from fans. 
We still wonder why the game, still brings up his past sexcapades with kayne's wife Kim, knowing fully well that kayne had just had enough of different men talking about their past sexual relationship with his wife, Kim. Do you think the game is just being petty, or attention hungry, that he kept bringing up his past sexual relationship with the kardashian/Jenner sisters?
We would keep you updated on this trending issue, because we know we would hear from kimye base and most likely kylie's soon. This could be another upscale level of celebrity feud. Stay tuned.

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