Leaked secret: Popular Nigerian actress Funke Akindele-Bello,"Jenifa" allegedly faked her pregnancy.

Not long ago, award winning Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele-Bello,"Jenifa" reportedly delivered twins, after so many years of miscarriages and multiple failed  IVF. But a lot of news outlets and publications have been suspicious of her being really pregnant. A close source even allegedly she's not the real mother of the twins, she claimed to have birthed in Los Angeles, USA.

Recently, a close source to the popular actress, Akindele-Bello disclosed that her twins were born through surrogate. Sources further revealed that Akindele-Bello decided to opt for surrogacy after a few failed attempts at getting pregnant. After she allegedly lost a pregnancy with twins in 2017, she was reported to have lost another pregnancy with triplet, four months after.
 The sources also disclosed that Akindele-Bello, through the help of a close friend, sourced for the surrogate mother, here in Lagos, Nigeria, and not in Los Angeles, USA, as she consciously misled most Nigerians to believe. Moreover, the sources revealed that the surrogate mother was heavily paid for her service.
Funke akindele-bello, was spotted in Lagos, Nigeria, two weeks after her supposed delivery of twins babies in the USA, where as, it takes at least, three months for any woman who delivers her baby in the US, to leave the country. This is because of the numerous processes involved, in facilitating the passport of the baby.
We'll keep you posted on new updates pertaining this story.

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