Style Upgrade: Complete Fashion Guide For Men.

In recent times, men now emphasize their fashion and style as much as women do. Every modern guy knows the importance of a good look, and the best way to achieve it is by investing in your wardrobe, skin and look generally.

Talking about investment in fashion as a man doesn't really have to be expensive, it's all about discovering what style suits you, and what doesn't suit your look. Then you upgrade by focusing on the style that suits you and ignoring the ones that don't amplify your look.

Here's what to do, if you want to upgrade your fashion orientation and style as a man.

  • Don't abandon your face
  • Choose your haircut wisely
  • Review your wardrobe
  • Shop wisely
  • Choose fitted clothes
  • Own a pair of suit
  • Own pairs of denim
  • Smell good at all time
  • Match your shoe and belt
  • Wear the right footwear
  • Get a stylish wrist watch/bracelet
  • Wear colours that compliment your skin shade

1. Don't abandon your face: The face is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to fashion and style. The face is like a mirror, and to avoid cracks, you have to take good care of it, start by exfoliating with facial astringents twice a week to remove dead skin cells that cause ageing and acne. Also, it is important to choose, mild and organic soap for your face since the facial skin is the most fragile and sensitive of all skin. A harsh medicated soap could cause facial skin irritation and dryness. Also use facial creams that moisturize and protect the face from the sun, creams with Sun Protection Formula (SPF) 12 and above are suitable for protection against the sun's UV rays that accelerate the ageing process. Above all avoid skin creams that contain mercury and other harmful components, at best use organic or herbal products for the best facial look.

2. Choose your haircut wisely: Your hair has a great influence on how you look, therefore it is important to nurture it, to avoid breakages, dandruff and baldness. If you run a busy schedule, it is advisable to keep low cut, since you won't have time to shampoo and treat your hair often. Also if you have an oblong face, it is better to keep the beard and hair short so you won't look weird, also your head won't look too big. Leave the big hair cut and beards for those with short faces and small heads. As a matter of fact, you could also experiment with three or more haircuts till you find the one that amplifies your look and confidence, you will know when you find it because you will look different in a classy and attractive way.

3. Review your wardrobe: This is very important, because sometimes we tend to focus on a particular set of clothes, may be because they are easily accessible, and we don't want to dig deep into our wardrobe, thus, these set of clothes get old easily, where as we have clothes we've not worn more that once in our wardrobe. Also reshuffle by keeping the frequently worn clothes away and bringing the long abandoned one to the surface. This is more like shopping from your own wardrobe, it cost you nothing but a few hours depending on how big your clothing collection is. This also helps decongest the wardrobe, because you could give out the old clothes. It is also important to attach each shirt to matching trousers, for easy selection and orderliness.

4. Shop wisely: Sometimes, we go to the mall with a list of the clothes we want to buy, and we end up buying more than what we need, resulting in congestion and abandonment of clothes in the wardrobe for a long period. It is therefore advisable, to stick to your clothing budget and save for future shopping, instead of buying clothes you don't need at the moment. It is also important to observe your clothes pattern and prints, so you don't buy similar clothes, resulting in duplicates. Only your whites shirts and 
T-shirts should be in duplicates, and you can even buy different patterns, for uniqueness.

5. Choose fitted clothes: It is very important to wear your perfect size, clothes that are over size or under size usually kill style and value, irrespective of how much you buy them. If you can't get your perfect size, visit a tailor, who will take your measurements, and adjust your clothes to your perfect size. No matter what you do, wear your size, for comfort and confidence.

6. Own a pair of suits: Every modern and fashionable man, should own at least a pair of well-tailored suits. A suit usually commands respect and you look classy, also a job interview or wedding may come up, so it doesn't matter what your job or lifestyle is, as a man, you must own a well-tailored suit.

7. Own pairs of denim: Denim has a way of bringing out the sultry side of our look. Be it denim shit, a jacket, or trousers, just do it, you don't have to look corporate at all times. The casual style works well with denim and a T-shirt or dress shirt. Versatility matters a lot in fashion, so add pairs of denim to your clothing collection and become more attractive.

8. Smell good at all times: There's nothing as repulsive as a bad body odour, every modern man, should own a collection of cologne, perfume and fragrances. Men are usually active all through the day, hence sweat a lot, and get exposed to dirty and other environmental elements. It is therefore easy to develop a body odour if a man ignores his cologne and other body fragrances. So many cheap brands of colognes and perfumes are out there, so money shouldn't be an issue. Also when you smell good, you naturally attract positive attention and admiration from females and even your fellow men and colleagues. Furthermore, a good smell boosts self-esteem and attractiveness.

9. Match your shoe and belt: The first rule of fashion every guy should observe is shoe matching with belt. Your belt colour music does not negate your shoe. Also, keep your shoe polished at all times, and never wear a worn-out belt or shoe. A fashion stylist one said, " your shoe speaks a lot about you". Therefore it is important to match your shoe with your belt.

10. Wear the right footwear: There's a particular footwear for every occasion. It is important to separate your running sneakers from your casual sneakers and party sneakers. Running shoes are meant for the gym and other form of sporting activities. Also, loafers should be worn in corporate and casual outfits, not at the beach or gym. Slippers are best suited for the beach. Further more, oxford leather shoes are for work and corporate events. Above all, keep your white sneakers or shoes neat, never wear dirty or dusty shoes. 

11. Get a stylish wrist watch/bracelet: Every modern guy wears a wristwatch and bracelet as part of their fashion accessories, nowadays, wristwatches and bracelets are used to make a bold fashion statement, and it comes in different colours that easily blend with your outfits. So step up with a wristwatch and bracelet today.

12. Wear colours that compliment your skin shade: colours and skin tones play a lot of roles in the fashion world. It is therefore important you find the colours that suit your skin tone best, review your wardrobe and get a full-size mirror, then try out each outfit according to their respective colours, instantly you will see how different each color of outfit affects your look, either positively or negatively. Then when you've discovered the colours that compliment your skin tone, you should wear more of these colours. Normally those with warm or fair skin tones are expected to wear colours like gold, red, yellow, peach, amber, orange, blue, and black. These colours blend naturally with fair skin stones and give you a rich and brighter look. While those with cool skin shades or darker tones are expected to wear white, grey, navy blue, pink, and deep purple. Avoid colours that washes out your skin tone, you don't want to look older than your age.

In conclusion, fashion has rules but no boundaries, so keep an open mind and loosen up, try new styles and fashion trends, and never keep yourself boxed up, if you really wanna step up your fashion game and style. Keep it cool, stylish and classy. For more. Leave a comment below.