Unbelievable!! Popular actor claimed to have slept with over 900 women on live TV.

We don't know if it's really possible for a man to sleep with over 500 women in a lifetime. But recently, A popular Ghana actor, Emil Gerald, "Nana Tornado" claimed to have slept with not even 500 but over 900 women, as of 5 months ago, and the current count is uncertain.

He spilled this incredible secret, when he appeared on ETV Ghana’s “In Bed With Adwen” show. He revealed this in response to a text message sent by a viewer who bragged that he has slept with 120 women. Reacting to the viewer’s text message, Nana Tornado revealed: “I swear I have slept with 1.2billion. My body sweet me oo. The last time my friend and I calculated 5 months ago, it was more than 900 and something women. Can you beat that? That was actually what he was implying.

Nana was previously linked to a Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye "bobrisky" they actually went out on a date , but he quickly aborted the rumor, that they are just friends and that he doesn't do men.

Do you think he's really serious about having slept with over 900 women, or it's just a bluff?

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