Crime Story: Hungry man ate his wife's flesh and drank her blood to survive 3 days in a stuck elevator.

Just when you thought you've seen it all,another bizzare and unthinkable occurence comes up. Most people thought cannibalism only exists in hollywood movies, and would never have imagined, the possibility of human feeding on another human flesh and blood.

Recently, a obnoxious crime of cannibalism and first degree murder was perpetrated by a 44 old man known as Bruce Franklin in Philadelphia.

It was reported, that Franklin and his wife Janet Willis were stuck in an elevator, due to technical issue, and all efforts to get help proved abortive, and after 2 days of being stranded in the elevator, Franklin had to kill his wife, and fed on her flesh and also drank her blood, so as to survive.

According to reports, after 3 days, help came, but by the time the elevator was opened, it was discovered that Franklin had eaten about 5kg of his wife's flesh, and the corpse was lieing beside him.

Immediately Franklin was rescued from the elevator, he started crying and lamenting, that he tried to save himself and his wife, but the elevator had no emergency button or phone features, and when he tried to climb down the elevator shaft, he was blocked by a concrete wall. So there was no way out, and they didn't have cell phones, since they just went to eat at a restaurant within their neighborhood. And as usual they took an express elevator since they live on the 42nd floor, unfortunately the elevator stopped working.

According to the deputy commissioner of Philadelphia police department, Richard Ross, he said the victim confessed to have killed and eaten his wife's flesh, when he got dehydrated and feared he won't survive.
Franklin had been charged to court for cannibalism and first degree murder amidst other 12 charges, which could get him death sentence or life imprisonment.

Franklin's lawyer, is defending his client on the ground that, the whole scenario should be blamed on the negligence of the building's security staff. He further claimed his client is the victim.

Do you think Franklin is the victim or he deserved to be punished?

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