7 Ways To Avoid Regrets In 2022

At a point in life everyone weighs their actions and the aftermath of such actions, sometimes we are exhilarated and at times we feel regrets. Even though no one is regret-proof, we can try to avoid it. 2021 has almost elapsed, are you regretting what could have happened if you had taken certain decisions or do you regret the decisions taken? A friend of mine has a popular inspirational quote " If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for". Hence be thankful for the mistakes made, the lessons learnt, the successes attained and the losses encountered, life is full of vicissitudes, but it is paramount you protect your mental health, which is why i would give you 7 ways to avoid regrets in 2022 and even all your life.

1. Replace Your Regrets with Restrategization:

 Most times we admire successful people, oblivious of what they had been through, we often feel they are lucky and have never encountered issues of life, well friend i've got news for you "the rich also cry", but the difference between the successful people and regular people is the ability to rise from falls, restrategize and try again instead of wallowing in regrets. Living your life in regrets makes you weak, i won't tell you 2022 is not going to come with its unique challenges, you may fail, you may fall, but don't stay in that low energy, restrategize and go for that business proposal again, go for that relationship again, start something new from the ashes of your failures. You are only done when you are done. Remember every new day is the start of the rest of your life, make it count.

2. Stop Prioritizing People Who Make You Last On Their List: 

Personally this speaks to me, because i always put people first even at my own detriment, i want everyone to feel important and loved, isn't it good to be good? I have to say it the way it is, even if you exhaust  your time, emotions, and everything you have on some people, they still won't see you. So do what is good for you, do what makes you happy. Go where you're loved, call those who call you, check on those who check on you. You can only allow regrets when you give considerate thoughts to inconsiderate people. Value yourself, value your time and 2022 may just be regrets free for you.

3. Stop Spending Too Little Quality Time With Loved Ones: 

Here's an important question you should ponder on. When last were you emotionally or physically available for your loved ones? Are you the type that is nice to literally everyone out there just because you are more particular about your public appearance, you are not available to your loved ones but can do anything for strangers, it is good to be good, but at the end of the day, your home is with your loved ones, give as much as you give outside at home. Focus your attention on those who really love you and not those whom you want to love you. Love can't be forced or bought, it comes unconditionally. To avoid regrets in 2022, put your heart where it is cared for. You'll eventually retire from that job and even part ways  with random people you come across whom you do much want to impress, only your loved ones will be constant in your life, treat them right and save yourself a lifetime of regrets.

4. Stop Chasing Other People's Dreams:

Most times we often pursue the dreams of other people and we end up living an unfulfiled life. Have you discovered what makes you happy? Are you a doctor or lawyer or accountant just because of the values society attached to such professions, or you are what your parents want you to be. The question is are you really happy and fulfiled? Are you living your life or other people's life. It is never too late to find your purpose in life. Until you do that, you may look back in distant future and regret the path you chose. 2022 is the start of the rest of your life. Find your purpose and avoid living in regrets in 2022.

5. Stop Hiding How You Feel.

The best favor you can do yourself is to avoid keeping things inside, if you're hurt don't be afraid to say it, if you're in love with someone say it, research had shown that regrets emanate from inaction, Here's how to avoid living in regrets in 2022, never let anything eat you up inside, it is okay to let it out, your sanity is dependent on it. Be bold, be brave, be happy.

6. Stop Overthinking About Tomorrow:

Sometimes we worry too much about the future and lose sight of the present, we tend to forget that we build foundation for tomorrow today. It's time you focused on living in the present and tomorrow would be good, overthinking about the future will only bring you pains and worries. Live your best life today. Tomorrow will also become today and you'll face it perfectly well. Focus on today while planning for tomorrow, and you'll avoid regrets in 2022.

7. Stop Being Ungrateful: 

Gratitude is everything, what are you thankful for? Stop focusing on your losses, how about being grateful for the small wins you have? When you start living life from the perspective of gratefulness, failures becomes lessons, and lessons becomes the tools for success. There's a popular proverb in my clan "An ungrateful soul is likened to a thief", stop robbing yourself of joy by being ungrateful. 

Conclusively, the aforementioned 7 ways to avoid regrets in 2022 are suggested based on extensive research of common causes of regrets and also personal experience, i hope you find it helpful, you can also leave a comment on how you avoid regrets and maintain your sanity. I wish you the best in 2022 and also the best in life.


Peter Deerock

Lifestyle Blogger


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