5 Easiest ways to lose belly fats....

Over the years, the issue of excess belly fats had been a crucial and predominant one, plaguing both men, women and even children. Excess belly fat had been reported through many researches to be associated with heart diseases and diabetes, apart from the health risks it pose, most people find it disturbing when it comes to their physical appearance and clothes fitting. Hence, millions of people across the world invest their time, money and effort to tackle the excess fat in their abdomen, some even go for cosmetic surgery, so astro achieve a hour glass shape, while some call it figured eight.

Unfortunately, some had battled excess belly fats, all their lives to no avail, because it is not an easy region of the body to tackle, especially when so many natural factors are attached to it, such as child birth, heredity, lifestyle and some medical conditions that are so difficult to control.
That's why i've come up with 5 easiest ways to lose belly fats, such that you won't feel any form of discomfort while observing the procedure, all you just need is determination and discipline. So here you go...

1. Eat healthy: you may be wondering, how you can eat healthy, it's not so hard, all you just have to do is eat more of home made foods, and reduce the intake of take out foods, this is because most of those fast food vendors are basically focused on making profit, so they prepared their food with the cheapest and inferior kind of ingredients, where as food made at home is prepared with the sole purpose of nourishment, thus if you really want to lose the belly fat, avoid take out foods, and if at all you can't prepare food at home, should in case you are running a tight schedule, vegetable salad or fruits salads are still safe to an extent, if at all you have to eat out occasionally.

2. Reduce work load:  According to research, when you work too hard, your body secretes an hormone called cortisol, it's like a counter body mechanism for survival, so when the body starts releasing these hormones, weight gain and increment of visceral fats set in. So it costs you nothing to include a period of rest in your daily schedule, it could be during break time at work, just take 5 mins nap, and it gets even better if you work for yourself, it helps to reduce stress and refreshes the brain and body. More so, the importance of 8-9 hours of sleep at night cannot be over emphasized, now you see this is very easy, you get to sleep and still drop some belly fats.

3. Take a leisure walk daily:  Do you know that, a simple stroll across the block daily, could help you drop a lot of calories, just imagine yourself, with your headset, listening to your favorite music while walking around your neighbourhood , or taking a stroll with a friend, these could be fun, but it's also a fun way of reducing the excess fats in your belly. So start strolling today and you'll do yourself a whole lot of good, fitness and health wise.

4. Eat more protein: protein is the best amongst the classes of food, because it is filling, and doesn't leave a residue, like the carbs, that gives you sugar, and the fats, that could give you high cholesterol, hereby causing heart diseases and obesity, no wonder why most fitness trainers and trainees utilise protein supplements. Also, studies showed that people who eat more protein tend to have less abdominal fat than those who eat a lower protein diet. So take more of fish, meat, and beans, these are rich sources of protein.

5. Do more of cardio abdominal exercise: a simple 50 counts of push ups and squatting, could do you a whole lot of good, health wish, you run a very low risk of heart disease, and you burn more abdominal fats, additional benefits involves, great skin due to open pores, great physique and also your clothes will have perfect fitting. So start with a basic routine of just 50 push ups and squats daily, very easy, but also very effective.

Conclusively, monitor your lifestyle closely, don't jeopardize your health, eat healthy, sleep more, cut off carbs and fats, take a walk daily, and exercise your body. Itemise these simple steps, then positive and visible result is assured, and soon you'll lose your belly fats eaisly.

Author: Peter Deerock


  1. Can you recommend a diet plan for me please?

  2. I just lost lots of tummy fat,now my clothes have more fitting.