5 types of people to move with...

Humans are always in pursuit of happiness and self fulfilment, but their efforts become futile, because they are surrounded by the wrong kind of people. Findings had shown that a lot of factors have effect on one's happiness and success, but the most predominant of it all, are the people we surround ourselves with, because to an extent, they influence us either positively or otherwise. It is important to observe the kind of people we keep around, perhaps the happiness we seek, lies with either change of friends or change of environment, but most importantly, there are 5 types people you should keep around, if you really want to achieve your dreams and attain a grand level of happiness. Here it is...

1.The Motivated: people who are in this category, are always active and goal driven,they are always working towards a certain goals, it could be  work goals,family goals, business goals. Those who are motivated, always control their environments and are never caught unaware, due to their proactiveness. The motivated also love people who are achievers, they will never support idleness or inactivity. They love people who have things going on successfully. And their major goal is to achieve tremendously. People like this would ignite a fire and hunger for success in their close relatives, friends and colleagues. Overall they propel you to be better in life.
2. The Open-minded: These are people who are adventurous, they are always receptive of new ideas, they are daring and enormously fearless. They love to create an environment with multiple options, pertaining their career and life in general. The open-minded will never condemn an idea, and they always encourage the people around them, which is one of the most dominant factors, that contributes to achievement of goals and success. They believe in trying again, till they achieve their goals, and most importantly, they would rather have an alternative, than to fail and feel helpless. To the open minded, anything is possible.
3. The Thinkers: These are people who observe their environment, and deduce inspiration from it. They are usually refer to as the "problem solvers". They always have a rationale solution to every specific situation. The thinkers, are very strategic towards achieving their goals, and they inspire those around them to better. And with them around, you are always guaranteed a solution to every problems you encounter in life. The thinkers would always profer ways to overcome challenges, due to their innovative abilities. To the thinkers, failure is never an option.
4. The Passionate: These are one of the best people to move with, they are loyal to the core, loving to the end, and they never give up on people. The passionate, give their all, go the extra miles in achieving their goals, you will never find them on the ground, because they always rise again whenever they fall or fail. The passionate are the true lovers, and they spread love and happiness wherever they go. They tend to ensure everyone is happy,and fulfilled. They are the chronic supporters of dreams and goals. With them around you, goals are bound to be achieved easily and life is fun.
5. The grateful: These are the people who see things from a positive perspective, and are always grateful for the things they have achieved,while focusing on the ones they have not achieved. They always encourage the people around them,to be thankful for all things, and never entertain depression or discouragement. The grateful will always value the little things at hand, rather than complain about the big things, that's yet to be achieved. With them around you, happiness is assured.
Conclusively, no one is perfect, but move with those who are working on their imperfections, driven to succeed and above all, have your interest at heart. At the end of the day, it's a matter of choice, but you can't do things the same way and expect a different result.

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