7 Lifestyle habits that make you age faster..

Although we all wish the idea of fountain of youth was a reality, because no one wants to look old irrespective of their age, but unfortunately, there's no fountain of youth, other than a controlled and healthy lifestyle. Millions of people around the world, spend a fortune daily, so as to maintain their youthful look, because the world is shifting towards the idea of longer life span and skin radiance. That's why we have different articles on lifestyle, aiming towards longevity of humans skin and life in general. For example, the vegetarians are opined that consumption of meat brings about fast aging effects, while some people practice meditation and yoga, all in the pursuit of youthfulness.

There are diverse of common habits we have, that are really having a adverse effect of accelerated aging process on our look and body physiology, but we would note seven of the most overlooked but highly harmful  lifestyle habits that makes you age faster.

  • High consumption of processed food.
  • Bad sleeping posture
  • Celibacy or sexual inactivity
  • Low water intake.
  • Bearing of grudges. 
  • You love roasted foods.
  • Alcohol and Smoking

1. High consumption of processed food.  Researches have shown that most of the processed food we consume daily have high content of nitrates, these nitrates and preservatives used for your canned meat, fish, pepperoni, tomato ketchup, bacon, sausages and so on..contains free radicals, that are not only carcinogenic, but could also break down the body cells at a fast pace, hereby making you age faster. It is advisable you go for fresh organic food, if you really want to extend your life span and youthfulness. Just ditch those processed food and do your skin a whole lot of good.

2. Bad sleeping posture. It has been observed, that many people prefer to sleep on their side, hereby squashing the face all through the night against the fabric of your pillow. This could cause skin irritation and acne break out. Scientists have advised that the best sleeping posture is to sleep facing up, this would enable your back to stretch and aids muscles relaxation. Also your face would be free from friction of rubbing against your pillow, hereby preventing wrinkles and other skin problems that makes you age faster.

3. Celibacy or sexual inactivity. Although some institutions advocate celibacy and condemns pleasurable sex. But as a rationale adult, you would do yourself more good, by being active sexually. Researches had shown that the release of pleasure hormones "oxytocin" during orgasm helps reduce anxiety, depression and blood pressure. Also frequent sex helps boost self confidence and raise the longevity of life span. And when you are happy and stress free, you are refreshed and your skin is rejuvenated, hereby making you look younger. 

4. Low water intake. It is beyond every reasonable doubt that water is one of the substances of life. Imagine a world without water, then there wouldn't even be existence of life. The benefits of water to the skin and human body physiology are inexhaustible. Water aids digestion, and hydration of body cells and skin. Also water helps the body gets rid of free radicals hereby slowing down aging process. But when there's insufficient water in the body, tiredness and skin dryness sets in, hereby accelerating the aging process. Scientists advised at least 8-9 glasses of water intake daily, for people metabolism and functionality of the body cells. So keep drinking more water to maintain a supple and radiant skin.

5. Bearing of grudges. When you hurt on the inside, as a result of your resentment towards someone, who wronged you, it has a bad way of reflecting on the outside. Why not do yourself a a favor, by learning to let go and focus on your healing. When you hold on to grudge, you give the person who hurts you power over your emotions, hereby making you look unhappy and distorted. Long term sadness can cause wrinkles on your face, research had even shown that people who smile more, look brighter and younger. Embrace the positive vibe, forgive and let go. Only then can you maintain your youthfulness and avoid aging faster.

6. You love roasted foods. Who doesn't love a barbecue night out with family and friends? But as good as it sounds, the roasted meat consumed could pose a lot of health related risks. Research had shown that meats exposed to a very hot open fire, usually over 300 fahrenheit, contains carcinogenic compounds. Also The National Cancer Institute reported that the hydro carbons inherent in roasted meat, causes genetic mutation, hereby increasing the risks of cancer. Further more roasted food at exposed to a lot smokes, which is unhygienic and toxic to health, and when your health is affected, it also affects your outlook. It is advised you cook your meat or better still use a griller in a closed environment.

7. Alcohol and Smoking. These two substances are consumed at high proportion daily, across the world. Despite the warning of medical associations that they pose a lot of health related risks like kidneys failure, liver problems,lungs cancer, dry skin and so on..people become addicted to these substances. While some people get professional help or check in to a rehab, some people are not bothered. If you really want to live long, and maintain your youthfulness, steer clear off of these two substances. Also, smoking makes skin develops wrinkle, and gives one a saggy skin, while alcohol induces skin dryness. In summary no good will come of alcohol intake and smoking.

In conclusion,there are so many factors that contributes to accelerated aging, but the afored explained factors are the pre-dominant ones. So start slowing down the aging process by considering, what you eat, how you sleep, be grudge free, have good frequent sex and live a healthy life.