Sizzling Hot!!!! Celine Dion goes braless again..

Our favorite song bird of all time, Celine Dion may be 50 years, but she's not to be trifled with in the edgy fashion style. She may live a conservative lifestyle,but she definitely loves to look overly hot and sexy, and she occasionally loves to show her cleavage, although she almost suffered a nip slip this time around. 
During Paris Fashion Week on Jan. 25. The "power of love" songstress  took her style to a bold new level in a stunning braless black jumpsuit with a deeply cut V-neckline that displayed a massive part of her cleavage.
Celine was spotted leaving the Crillon Hotel in Paris alongside her  backup dancer Pepe Munoz, 34. It was conspicuous, she looked half her age, but were it not for Pepe who quickly pulled the fabric closer to her chest, it would have been an incident of nip slip, Celine loves ample cleavage revealing outfit.
 Let us hope she turns it down a notch in the future. Thanks to her BFF pepe who protected her modesty this time. What do you think about the outfit? Stylish or trashy!!! Although it was almost a wardrobe malfunction, she pulled through.

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