Crime Story: Slay queen stripped naked and tortured publicly for allegedly stealing a phone

It is unbelievable, the horrific acts people perpetrate nowadays, with the aid of social media. A slay queen (name with held) was seen on a recorded video  on social media, stripped naked and tortured by a group of people who accused her of stealing a phone. The inhumane act occurred on Jan 5, and the pain inflicted on her was so unbearable, that she was weeping,and claiming she was innocent of the accusation, the perpetrators didn't believe her, and instead of showing compassion,they inserted pepper in her vagina, a barbaric act that shouldn't even be heard of in 21st century.

According to multiple reports, this heinous incident took place in benin, edo,  hence the The League of Patriotic Lawyers has given Edo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Olusegun Odumosu, 24 hours to unravel those behind the torture.
The chairman of the organisation Mr Abubakar Yesufu said: “The League of Patriotic Lawyers has given the Edo State Commissioner of Police 24 hours to arrest and commence prosecution of all the street urchins behind this barbaric, inhuman, wicked, ungodly and unacceptable act, whose video has gone viral on the social media. 
“Failure to unravel the perpetrators would lead to serious legal consequences against the various security agencies, especially the Police and Director of DSS in the state. This ungodly act shows that law and order have broken down in Benin.
We'll keep you posted on updates about the case.

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