Hair Loss And Baldness Control

It is generally believed that hair is a predominant factor affecting youthfulness and outlook. Therefore people pay a fortune to retain the fullness of their hair and also to avoid hair loss and baldness at all cost.
According to research, Hair loss is one of the most common problems worldwide affecting one third of the world's population. Everyone loses 100 hair stands each day.
Therefore it is of utmost important to control one's hair, so as to prevent hair loss or baldness. A few remedial steps for hair loss are highlighted as follows;

1. Stay hydrated
The importance of water for Human physiology and over all well being, cannot be over emphasised. According to research,the hair shaft comprises one quarter water, so drink at least eight cups of water daily in other stay hydrated and also for healthy growth of hair.

2. Avoid harsh hair product and dye
Harsh chemicals and permanent hair colour products could be damaging for hair health. When you are experiencing hair loss, it is advised not to colour your hair. So if you love colouring your hair, you would have to go for hair colouring products that are less harsh.

3. Reduce Alcohol intake and smoking
It is no longer oblivious, the danger smoking and drinking could pose to your health. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is advisable to reduce alcohol intake because drinking alcohol reduces hair growth. So decrease or eliminate alcohol to see an increase in hair growth, and also avoid smoking, because it reduces the amount of blood that flows to the scalp and this causes a reduction in hair growth.

4. Avoid Constant Hair over heating & drying
Don't subject your hair to frequent, constant heating and drying procedures. Heat weakens hair proteins, and constant heating and drying can lead to weakness and fragility that causes hair loss.

5. Always Carry a face wipe or towel
Men with oily hair, experience dandruff in sunny season  due to sweating and the chances of hair fall increases. Applying hair products with sulphur, helps to prevent dandruff and other hair infections. Also, men who wear helmet on hot days experience a major hair loss. As the sweat accumulates in the pores and weakens hair roots causing hair loss in men. It is advisable you wear a scarf/ bandanna over your hair or wipe your face with a towel.

6. Stay healthy.
Some  health issues are associated with hair loss. Ensure you deal with chronic illnesses, high fevers and infections properly to ensure healthy hair. And go for medical check up often.

7. Try a new hair style or barber/stylist
If you are losing your hair lately, you must loosen up your hair. Hairstyles such as ponytails, braids and artificial hairstyles pull hair or tug hair follicles, and can eventually cause baldness. Further more you need an experienced barber or hair stylist, who would understand the nature of your hair and helps prevent future hair loss.

8. Avoid brushing wet hair
When hair is wet, it is in its weakest state. So avoid brushing wet hair because the chances of hair loss increases. But if you must comb wet hair, use a very big toothed comb. Also avoid brushing hair too frequently as doing so can injure hair and increase loss. You can also use your fingers to undo tangled hair, do not use a comb or brush.

9. Wash your hair with egg
Eggs are a rich source of protein, which helps to make hair thick and strong. Break a few eggs, create a paste and rub it through your hair. Leave it on for a few moments before you wash it out. This is one of the best ways to increase your hair protein and also for healthier volume and texture.

10. Take more vitamins
Sometimes, vitamin E deficiency could trigger hair loss. Vitamins are good for your hair apart from being healthy for overall well-being. While Vitamin A triggers healthy production of sebum in your scalp, Vitamin E improves blood circulation in your system. Vitamin B however, helps hair maintain its healthy colour. Therefore, keep taking vitamins supplement or fruits to have a healthy hair.


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