Bitter Sweet Farewell To Jussie "Jamal" Smollet On Empire. He has been kicked out despite his plea to be kept by the show.

According to a new report. Jussie Smollet has been fired from Empire, after begging creator Lee Daniels to keep his job. It seems like it's inevitable for the show to write him off, due to the low ratings and bad publicity he has caused the show, ever since he pulled off a racism heist.

Jussie's final episode with Empire  was last week, which featured his character, Jamal Lyon, getting married in a same-sex wedding. The episode had the lowest rated episode of Empire in the history of the series, which obviously sealed his eviction from the show.

"Jussie thought he'd get to ride it out," an insider tells Star magazine. The source added that the actor held private meetings with creator Lee Daniels and begged for his job.

"He thinks he's way too important. Jussie always felt the show would send an important message to the world if his character, the gay son, continued the family's legacy. Being written off wasn't anything he ever imagined."

This is a perfect example of publicity stunt gone wrong. Anyways we don't really know if the show would be affected by the absence of Jamal's character. And what does it mean for the LGBTQ community? Soon we'll find out in the subsequent seasons of the show, if it survives it's present ordeal.

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