This Could Be The End Of Career For Jussie"Jamal" Smollet, Since Legal Docs Has Been Unsealed....Drugs, Lies And More.

Jussie Smollett's reputation might be tarnished.
Recently, the court judge underlying Jussie Smollet's scandalous assault case asked for the documents to be unveiled for the public to watch. And since it has, speculations have brewed along with further questioning with regards to what truly went down with Jussie Smollett that fateful night. In case you have forgotten, Jussie Smollett became the centre to the public discourse after he allegedly staged a racist and homophobic attack with the help of the Osandurio brothers. Despite loads of drama now tied to the disgraced actor, new reports by the Hollywood Reporter revealed the actor is eager to put it all behind him and get back to her. While we're pretty certain Smollett won't be reprising his role as "Jamal Lyon" in Empire's final season, his efforts to get back into acting are not looking too feasible right now.

According to the news outlet, the unveiled documents show Smollett as not a victim, but an unapologetic drug addict and the latter could severely tarnish his public imagine. That is without considering it is already pretty much destroyed. Retrieved text messages between Smollett and the Osandurio brothers reveal his serious addiction wherein the actor paid the duo for cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana only months prior to the attack. "N***a you still got a molly connect," asked Smollett in a September text. "Hahahaha… Imma need a good fo pills Haha." Additionally, the details of how the actor staged the attack with the brothers are explored in depth.

To note, Smollett and his circle still claim his innocence, but the evidence is not helping his case.

By Aida C

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