10 Foods For A Healthy Heart.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), about approximately 18 million people die every year from heart diseases, and majority of these deaths emanate from either stroke or heart attack. Heart diseases are responsible for about 31% of all deaths worldwide.
We all know, the heart is a vital organ that keeps the body moving and breathing, once the heart stops, death is imminent. Thus in order to lead a long and healthy life, we have to start taking good care of our hearts.
Thus, diet and exercise are paramount for the proper functioning of the heart. But emphasis would be laid on diet, because not everyone has the habit or opportunity of exercising, but every one eats food. So here are the foods you should start eating, if you want a healthy heart.

1. Lean meat: Most people can't live without meat, especially the body builders, some people's appetite for meat is so large that every meal, has meat included. Thus it is therefore advisable to go for skinless poultry and meats that have lesser fats content. Meats that are highly saturated with fats, contributes to accumulation of fats and cholesterol, which results in heart diseases, obesity and sometimes the heart does extra work while pumping blood round the body, hence reducing the life span of the heart and functionality after a while. Therefore, if you don't want to have a weak heart overtime, avoid fatty meats and go for lean meats.

2. Fish Oil: Fish oil is highly rich in omega-3, which aids immunity and helps the heart work effectively. Salmon, Titus, mackerel etc, are rich sources of fish oil. Also you can get fish oil in dietary supplements, like cod liver oil, which can be found in an average pharmacy all across the world at an affordable price. Therefore, go for fish oil, if you want a healthy heart.

3. Green Tea: Yeah, green tea, is very good for your heart, research has shown that green tea is rich in anti-oxidants known as catechins, which keeps the body free of radicals and aids proper functionality of the heart. Green tea has been an ancient health secret of longer life span amongst Asians and in recent times, research has brought it to prominence in every other parts of the world. So whether you are a lover of tea or not, visit a grocery store today and start taking a cup of green tea daily, and make your heart 100% effective.

4. Red Wine: By now we are no longer oblivious to the menace alcohol poses to our health, so for lovers of beer and anything alcoholic, here's a healthy alternative for you. It has been reported that red wine contains polyphenol which reduces the effect of the alcohol contained in it, unlike the highly concentrated form of alcohol found in vodka, spirit, beer, etc. People who drink red wine at least a cup daily, have lesser probability of having heart diseases. Therefore stick to red wine and ditch all other form of alcoholic drinks and beverages, if you want a healthy heart.

5. Plant based oil: Research had shown that oil that are derived from plants like, canola, olive, sunflower are sources of unsaturated fats, which helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. Instead of going for animal fats that are highly cholesteroic, cook with plant based oil to get a good taste and still nurture your heart simultaneously. Therefore in order to reduce the risk of heart attack, add plant based oil to your diet.

6. Anything Nuts: Here's my favorite, i so much love nuts, be it peanuts, walnuts, almond nuts etc, because it's rich in fiber, it helps to curb appetite, hereby reducing the chances of obesity, more so nuts are rich in vitamin E, which helps reduce cholesterol, and aids proper functionality of the heart. Now you have it, so keep enjoying your nuts. In fact go nuts.

7. Spinach: This is a popular kind of vegetable, found in almost every part of the world, spinach helps to control blood sugar, hereby reducing the chances of diabetes and other heart diseases. It is also a rich source of carotenoid, an antioxidant that filters the body of harmful radicals, Lovers of vegetables, should include spinach in their diet, and if you want a healthy heart, start eating spinach, from today.

8. Anything Grains: Whether you are a lover of brown rice, oats, whole wheats, barley etc. You are in the right direction, when it comes to a healthy heart matter. Grains are high in fiber and findings had shown that eating whole grains helps to reduce cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, as well as a lower risk of heart disease. Therefore, enjoy your grains.

9. Avocados: Avocados are also known as pear, they are source of monounsaturated fats, which helps to lower the cholesterol in the body, hence reducing the risk of heart attack and high blood pressure. Although, personally, i don't like the taste of avocado, but it's nutritional value is worth it.

10. Beans: I so much love beans, that not a day goes by, without having it. Apart from the fact that beans is a rich source of protein, and repairs worn out tissue, research has shown it reduces blood pressure and lessen the risk of inflammation. It also reduces blood sugar, hence, people who eat more beans are unlikely to have diabetes and other heart diseases. So keep enjoying your beans and have a great heart.

In conclusion, exercise may not be easy to observe, since it's also important for your heart's health, but diet is an inevitable daily routine of every living thing, thus it is important we become conscious of what we eat, in order to aid the proper functionality of our hearts, and also promote longevity of human's life span.


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