6 Effective Tips For Skin Glow.

Due to our daily lives activities, our skin is inevitably exposed to all kinds of harmful things ranging from dust, pollution, germs, and the sun’s UV rays! Over time, all these factors add up to cause spots, pimples, dark patches, and make our skin look dark and dull. Before we know it, our skin and complexion have deteriorated in to a shadow of it's former glow.
Some people are lucky to be born with the perfect skin, that is, a well hydrated and less oily skin, which helps their skin look radiant. But due to lack of proper skin care routine, over time they lose that glowing skin.
There's a common misconception that only those with fair skin complexion can actually glow, which is not true, it doesn't matter what skin shade or colour you have. With the right skin care routine, you can achieve and mantain that glow, or even get that skin glow back in case you've lost it.
Here are some simple tips for glowing skin
to help you revive your skin and make it look radiant.
1. Keep it clean and nourished: After a long day of work, or business or exercise, whatever your daily schedule looks like. Always find time to have your bath before going to bed. Because accumulation of dead skin cell, dirts and sweat debris, result in acne out break and all other form of skin irritants, which could off set the loss of radiance and skin glow. Therefore, make night bathing your daily beauty routine.

2. Stay hydrated: Apart from the fact that water quenches our thirst and aids esy digestion of food. Research had shown that Water helps clear the toxins that cause inflammation and blemish, It also assists in transporting nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, and preventing dehydration, which can cause premature ageing. So if you really want a healthy and radiant skin, take  at least eight glasses of water each day,or more if you're active or live in a warm climate.

3. Eat skin enhancing fruits: Apart from the fact that fruits generally taste good, it does a lot of good to our body and skin, but some fruits helps to boost skin vitality and radiance Fruits rich in vitamin c are more potent if you want a radiant skin, therefore go for oranges, water melons, berries, etc.

4. Sleep, eat and work out right: What an awesome combo right? Who doesn't love to sleep or eat, perhaps exercise is the only difficult one, of the three. But you still have to eat healthy, avoid food that are highly sugary,because believe it or not, what you eat has a way of reflecting on your skin and look generally, therefore go for more protein and vegatables. Also sleep is good but make sure you observe at least 8 hours of sleep daily for your skin to rejuvenate from stress induced damages, and above all exercise keeps your pores open and free from accumulation of dead skin cells. There fore these awesome three combo can go a long way towards achieving that skin glow you've always desired.

5. Avoid intense exposure to sun: By now an average skin conscious person, knows that the ultraviolet rays of the sun, speeds up aging and wrinkling of skin. Therefore it is advisable you don't step out on sunny days without wearing your sunscreen. And if you are not a fan of sunscreen cream, a simple face cap, sun glasses and even umbrella, would still protect your skin from over exposure to UV rays.

6. Scrub and exfoliate: Scrubbing your skin with soft sponge while bathing is very effective in removal of skin dead cells and dirts, instead of bathing with just soap and water. Also you need to use astringents, exfoliators and other skin dirts removal products, once or twice a week, so as to completely remove all forms of accumulated dirt's from your skin. Above all, have at least 2 spa appointments monthly, this would help rejuvenate your skin and speeds up the achievement of glowing skin.

Note: Multivatims supplements: Research had shown that fish oil and all other forms of vitamins supplements, helps the skin glow and also enhance radiance and balance of skin shade.

Therefore, if you want your friends to envy your skin complexion, and you want to feel good about your skin, just observe the super tips, highlighted above, you will achieve that skin glow easily.

By Peter Deerock


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  2. Waoh,my skin now glows brightly, thanks to you.