7 Confidence Building Techniques

The word” confidence” according to dictionary means self assurance, or a feeling of firm trust in one’s self or others. Most people tend to under achieve due to low confidence level, I’ve met a lot of people, who have regrets because they were limited from achieving their goals in life as a result of lack of confidence. From personal experience, I once performed averagely in a presentation due to anxiety and lack of self assurance. So low  confidence level can be detrimental in a massive way.
You can boost your confidence level, may be you want to apply for a job, but you are scared of taking another interview, perhaps you’ve had few bad ones, or you have feelings for someone, but you are too shy to express yourself, perhaps you are being bullied and you can’t stand for yourself, or you need a career change, but you are scared of failure or starting afresh, or you want to close a deal, but you are apprehensive it won’t work out, whatever your limitations are.
Don’t fidget, the 7 confidence building tips, would motivate you and make you 100% confident. Imagine the euphoria of being able to express yourself, when and how you choose to. Once you raise your confidence level, there’s a feeling of freedom, and you would feel like you can achieve anything.
Without much ado, here you go.

 Smile technique
Eye contact technique
Appearance technique
Positive circle technique
Intellectual technique
Complimentary technique
Self love technique

1.  Smile technique: You may be wondering, what smiling has got to do with self confidence, anyways, your smile has the power to reduce tension in any situation you find yourself, have you ever seen someone smiling and shivering simultaneously? No, it’s not possible, because when you smile, your brain detects you are happy, and it sends a signal of relief to other parts of your body. Moreover, no one loves to be approached by an unpleasant face, so smile while exchanging pleasantries with people, it creates a warm atmosphere, for you and those around you. So you can bring sunshine to a gloomy day, with just a smile, and people would find you jovial, they will even call you a nice person, because you are always cheerful. Remember to smile always, and watch your low self esteem fade away, hence a new and confident version of you will emerge.

2.  Eye contact technique: Most of the movies we watch, you would have observed, that the minorities and the casual characters of the movies are either walking with their faces downward, or looking away while communicating with the elite or important character of the movie. Same applies in real life, losers walk with their face downward, and don’t usually look at people in the face when communicating. And once you can’t make eye contact with your audience, they will detect your fears and insecurities, and may prey on you emotionally. When you walk with your head up, and talk straight at people,they will belief and respect your opinion. Once you start getting accolades, you will begin to feel confident. So practice your eye contact technique with a mirror, and you’ll get better at it with time. You are not a loser, all you need is eye contact technique, and your confidence level will build up swiftly.

3.  Appearance technique: I always love to emphasize on good looks, appearance has always been a predominant factor for self confidence and respect from others, since the dawn of time. You are not only addressed by your appearance, but you will also feel awesome about yourself, when you are looking dapper, in your outfit. Your appearance should be 100% superb right from the hair on your head, to the nails on your toes. No one is ugly, like my friend would say, it’s all about how you package yourself. You can lose excess fat today, get the right haircut for your face shape, wear a well tailored outfit, pick a signature perfume brand, it announces your presence in a special way, anywhere you go. Also use mint to eliminate bad  breath or mouth odour, no one loves to perceive a foul odour while talking to you. Just upgrade your appearance today and watch your confidence level upgrade dramatically.

4.  Positive circle technique: Nothing kills self confidence and dreams faster than pessimistic  relatives or friends, you can also refer to them as nay sayers, because they would never compliment or encourage you, all they would have to say is “you can’t” “it’s not possibe” “you can’t make it” “you are not that smart” and so on. I’ve seen people who didn’t achieve their dreams in life, due  negative circle of friends and relatives. Some have been reduced to nothing psychologically and some have had their confidence deflated due to the opinions of nay sayers. It’s time you started screening your circle, take a pieces of paper, write the names of your friends and relatives, highlight the supportive ones and the pessimistic ones, once you’ve done that, start planning on how to ignore their opinion, if they are too close to you and you feel you can’t live without them. But if you are really serious about building your confidence level, you need to keep them at arm’s length,  Otherwise, they’ll keep killing your confidence and you may never discover how special you are. Keep positive circle and experience a whole new and confident you.

5.  Intellectual technique: Research had shown, we only used one third of our brain, and that our brain is more powerful than any super computer ever made. There’s something special about intelligent people, and people want to reckon with them, because they feel like a novice around them and are opined they can acquire knowledge from them, do you know you are also intelligent? but you may never find out, if you don’t use your brain. You can develop your brain by reading books, any book would do, novels, journals etc. Also podcasts  are educative. Don’t you want to be the one everyone look up to? I know you do, acquire knowledge today, on diverse kinds of topic, and you will always have something to say. Just have an idea of almost everything from sports, to music, entertainment and even learn new vocabularies, then you’ll come off as intelligent , and instantly you’ll feel good about yourself and low confidence level will be a thing of the past.

6.  Complimentary technique: As the popular saying goes “kindness begets kindness” likewise compliments also begets compliments. If you want people to love and respect you, ensure you always make people around you feel important and loved. You can give positive comments on your friend’s outfit, your neighbour’s haircut, your course mate’s command of english, your spouse’s culinary skill and so on. When you compliment people around you, unconsciously you create an aura of bliss and positivity around. Also when you compliment people, they tend to reciprocate the kind gesture. The more you compliment people, the more confident you become.

7.  Self love technique: You can’t expect to get what you don’t believe you deserve. If you want people to love and accept you, then it starts with you, when you accept your flaws and work on it, rather than wallowing in self pity and condemnation, then your orientation about yourself will change positively. When you treat yourself right, people will treat you right. And love and respect from yourself and people around you, will make you feel important, which would in turn boost your confidence. So love yourself for who you are, don’t doubt your awesomeness. Yes you are awesome, you just have to believe it.

In conclusion, you have what it takes to be super confident, just believe in yourself, and use the afore mentioned confidence building techniques and watch your confidence level build up massively.

Author: Peter Deerock


  1. The eye contact technique really worked while pitching a sale to my prospective client.

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    1. Thanks a lot dear, i'm sure your friends will find it helpful.

  3. This really helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in public. I'm grateful.

    1. That's good to know ola...stay confident. It's my pleasure to help.

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