Angelina Jolie will not settle Brad Pitt and Maddox's quarrel. She gives her reason.

It is no longer news that angelina jolie and brad pitt's oldest son Maddox had been at loggerhead with his dad brad pitt, and the complicated relationship between the father and son had been sour for a while now.
Recently Maddox turned 18, and went off to south korea's university, he was accompanied by his mother, jolie. But ever since Maddox left for college, his father Brad pitt had not visited him.

Maddox was asked in an interview recently, about the status of his relationship with Pitt, and he gave a hint, that things are not good between them, and he's not bothered about it. He actually said " whatever happens, happens".

It was reported by a close source, that Jolie is ready to meddle between Maddox and his father. All she's concerned about is Maddox's welfare, and she would give him all the supports he needs.

Hopefully, Maddox and his father would sort things out in due time. What do you think?

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