Empire star Terrence Howard quits acting career. "He's bowing out with final season of Empire Tv series"

As the popular saying goes “everything has an end, be it good or bad”, Empire Television series lead star has confirmed that he would be quitting his acting career, or should we say retire. The veteran actor dropped the hint, during an interview with Extra. 
The show host asked him, what’s next for him after the final season of Empire, which has been running for 5 seasons and it’s 6th season would wrap up the show.
And Terrence Howard or should we say” Luscious “ his character on the show, responded "Oh, I'm done with acting," he said matter-of-factly. "I'm done pretending."  Yes he said he’s done pretending, could it be as a result of the scandal that plagued the show due to a supposedly staged crime committed by a popular star of the show, “Jussie Smollet”? 
Although, it has been confirmed the character “jamal” played by Smollet , had been written off the show, it was reported that some of the main casts of the show missed Smollet.

It is undisputable, that Howard has had a terrific career, infact he is one of the most successful Hollywood actors, and he’s been acting for over 20 years, so it’s a well deserved retirement, and we would all agree he’s paid his dues. Probably he’ll be working behind the screen as a producer or director, although the Extra show host hinted, he may be fully involved in charitable causes.

Whatever Howard chooses to do next, he will definitely be successful,even though we’ll miss him on the big screen, we wish him well.

What do you think about Howard’s retirement from acting? Is it too soon or he’s long over due?

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  1. He's had a terrific acting career, i would hate to see him go.