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Aging is one of the inevitable occurrences in humans life cycle,  and it plays a lot of roles in our appearance. But, does aging really have to affect our look adversely? No, it depends on your lifestyle, don’t forget a popular saying “ age is just a number”, yes I’ve seen 20 years old looking 50, and I’ve seen 80 years old looking 40. It’s all about your approach to life, and how you care for yourself. You don’t have to break a bank or invest heavily in cosmetics in order to look younger.All you need do, is to utilize the” 8 special tips for looking younger”, which had really worked for me and millions of people across the world. So let’s see the highlights.

  • Find your perfect haircut/style
  • Moisturise all the time
  • Tackle acne and facial conditions
  • Exercise is good for your skin
  • Multivitamin supplement works wonders
  • Your lips suppleness counts
  • Night bath is important
  • Smile and stay positive

1.  Find your perfect haircut/style:  Your haircut or style, whether you are man or woman, can make or break your look. It is important to keep your hair healthy and shinny ,because it is paramount for your facial outlook, and more so, your facial shape, be it oblong, round, etc...has a particular haircut or style that optimises your look. Finding the right haircut or style brings out your facial brightness and cuts off some age off your look. Ever since I found the right haircut for my face shape, I have been able to maintain my youthful look, and I look way younger than my age. If you want to find out the haircut that suits your face. See best trendy haircuts for your face shape. And remember to keep your hair clean and shinny at all time, then you will look younger instantly.

2.  Moisturise at all time: A dry and cracky skin makes one look older than  one’s actual age. When skin lacks moisture, a lot of things could go wrong with one’s look. A supple skin gives radiance and glow to the skin. So you must moisturise internally by never going dehydrated, always drink plenty of water, and find a moisturizer for your skin at your local grocery store. So keep moisturizing and keep looking younger.

3.  Tackle acne and facial conditions: Nobody wants a rough looking face, because no matter how much you try to look good, acne and spots will always mess up your face. So tackle your acne by avoiding fatty foods,take more  protein. Also anti-oxidants helps to fight free radicals that cause skin outbreaks, ginger and onions are rich sources of anti-oxidants, so you can include it in your diet recipe. Then overall choose a good anti acne product. Keep your face acne free, and look super younger.

4.  Exercise is good for your skin: I don’t think we can ever side line exercise when it comes to issue of looks, the human skin has pores that need, to be unblocked, failure to unblock the pores, leads to skin outbreaks and dullness. Therefore work out routines, helps to unblock the skin pores through sweating, and also gives one a chiselled face and physique. So you can start lightly today with just a short distance stroll or jogging, whatever you do make sure you work out, and watch yourself look younger. See tips for chiselled body frame for more details on exercise routine.

5. Multivitamin supplement works wonders: Nowadays, people rarely take note of their meals nutritional values, therefore miss out on so many nutrients that promotes skin radiance and youthful look. Therefore, since we are too busy  to focus on our food nutritional component, the easiest way to make up for the vitamins deficiency is to go for multivitamins rich in vitamin E,A,and C, which aids  skin, hair and general outlook appearance. Also fish oil, commonly called cod liver oil, is good for the skin, so visit a pharmacy within your locality today and select from a wide range of multivitamins, based on your budget, there’s always a product for everyone’s pocket size. 

6. Your lips suppleness counts: Have u ever been irritated by someone with a cracked lips talking so close to your face? Yes, we’ve probably been in such a situation before, the lips can’t be ruled out when it comes to the  attractive parts of the body. Your age shouldn’t make your lips cracked and dry, you are solely responsible for the appearance of your lips, a supple lips, makes one look attractive and younger, so it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, keep your lips awesome and supple with a lip balm, colourless for every one and the coloured for females, especially in dry season, always use a lip balm and try to moisten your lips often by salivating . Dry and cracked lips makes one look older and unattractive. For other brands of lip balm, Stay young and attractive with a supple lips. Pick up a lip balm today.

7. Night bath is important: One of the factors that contributes to over aging is the free radicals and dirts we pick up, during the course of our daily hustle and bustle. It could be smoke from car exhaust, dust in the atmosphere, sweats and germs acquired during sunny days and the list goes on and on. All these afore mentioned factors, contributes to dull skin and accelerated aging, it is therefore important to wash off the dirts and germs acquired during the day at night before going to bed, to maintain a healthy and glowing skin, also ladies should not sleep with make up on, to avoid facial irritation. Therefore, make night bath your daily routine and watch yourself look younger.

8. Smile and stay positive: Recently, I’ve discovered that happy people look brighter and radiant, it is not as if they don’t have life’s challenges, but they choose to be positive and hope for better days. So many young folks look older than their parents because they place the weight of the whole world on their shoulder and forget to take life easy, worries bring about wrinkles, stress mark and accelerates the aging process. Why not smile often and watch your facial stress mark fade away. It costs nothing to smile, so keep smiling, stay positive and stay younger.

In conclusion, there are other factors that contributes to fast aging process, but the afore explained 8 Super tips for looking younger will surely get you looking attractive and youthful again. Combine tips or pick out some from it. Stay young, stay attractive.

Author: Peter Deerock


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