5 Keys To Achieving A Happy Life.

Happiness is the most desired goal in life, and humans pursue it till their days elapsed on earth. Everyone wants to be happy, but the more we reach for it, the farther it seems.
Happiness is usually determined by our level of financial achievement, career advancement, marital bliss, perfect relationship with loved ones and matching up with our contemporaries. And when any of these factors is not moving according to expectations, our mood becomes erratic and sadness sets in. 

The reality regarding happiness, is that we can't achieve it, except we realise, that life is about ups and downs, and our perceptions of any challenge it brings our way matters a lot. 
Do you see challenges as obstacles or opportunities ? Your approach to situations of life matters a lot, if you really want to live a happy life.

The following 5 keys for living a happy life, will equip you with the skills and mindset you need, towards achieving a happy life.

  • Eliminate Comparison
  • Celebrate your little achievements
  • Lower your expectations on people
  • Lend a helping hand
  • Speak ill of no one

1. Eliminate Comparison: The greatest impediment of happiness is comparison. We often compare our lives with those around us, and end up creating an absurd competition with people who don't even give a damn about what we do, or what we have achieved. Sometimes, we feel unlucky, because things seem to be moving well for our friends and neighbors, and we forget, that we have different background, different story and different battles, therefore we won't get there at the same time. We just have to know, we alone are in the race to succeed, for ourselves, don't aspire to be like anyone. Aspire to be the best version of yourself. 

Instead of comparing your life and achievement with that of other people, compare your past achievement with your present achievement and strategize on how to become the best version of yourself. You can be happy, if you stop comparing yourself with others.

2. Celebrate your little achievements: Do you know that you are doing better than millions of people across the world today? You don't have to wait till you build your dream house, buy a flashy car, or have a fat bank account balance before you celebrate yourself. So many times, we waste so much time on celebrating other people's achievement, and we lose sight of how blessed and lucky we are. 

Learn to give yourself a thumbs up, and stand up tall, you pay your bills, you put food on your table and probably you even have left over to give to others, you are not homeless, and the list of the great things you do daily, goes on and on. 
So you have so many reasons to smile, start celebrating your small wins henceforth and watch how happy your life becomes.

3. Lower your expectations of people: How many times have you been disappointed by those you expected so much from? So many times, I guess. You need to know humans were made with some imperfections, and the day we become perfect, we stop being humans, which is impossible. So why would you rely heavily on people who have so many flaws? 

Even your closest friend can betray you. Such is life. Live your life with low expectations of people and you won't be caught unaware by people's disappointment. Live with little or no expectations of people, fall in love with little expectations, make friends with little expectations, ask for help with little expectations and rely on no one. 
Only with little expectations of people can we really find peace and happiness in life. 

Yes I said it, anyone can disappoint you, irrespective of their ties with you. So just keep your expectations of people low.

4. Lend a helping hand: I don't know if you have ever felt fulfilled and happy just by helping someone in need. I feel happy anytime I am privileged to put a smile on a sad face. You can't be happy in life, if you don't learn to spread happiness, and it starts with helping that your neighbor in need of a new cloth, that sick child whose parent can't afford to treat, that old woman who lives alone and doesn't have someone to help her do minor chores, those children crossing a busy road in need of an adult to help them cross safely, what about the hungry beggar on your street? 

You can start by giving a little help today, and watch your life brighten up with the joy you spread to others. Lend a helping hand, and experience that feeling of fulfilment and joy.

5. Speak ill of no one: No one loves people who destroy others with ill utterances, and those who speak ill of other people, will always have a dark cloud around them. A bringer of joy will exude joy, while a bringer of sadness will exude sadness.
 You can't live a happy life, if you have the habit of marring people's image. So learn to compliment people, and speak positive things about people, then you will have peace of mind and happiness won't elude you. 

I personally don't associate with people who speak ill of others, because they always exude negativity and bitterness. So if you really want to live a happy life, it's better you keep quiet, instead of destroying people's lives with your words.

In conclusion, happiness is achievable, it's all about your mindset and approach to life, the afore mentioned 5 keys to achieving a happy life will definitely help you achieve the happy life you desire.

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Author: Peter Deerock