Crime story: Policeman defiled 9 year old girl on several occassions in Lagos.

A 40 year old policeman, Andy Eghobamien has been arraigned before Ikeja Special Offences and Domestic Violence Court, Lagos, on the 9th of october 2019, for alledgely having a carnal knowledge of a primary five pupil, it was reported he sexually abused the 9 year old girl  on so many occasions.

Andy, 40 was reported to have tricked the girl, by giving her 200 naira to get him milk, and when the girl came back with the milk, he invited her in to his room and defiled her.

The victim was asked why she was in court and she narrated her ordeal. According to the girl, she said Andy was their neighbor who was fondly called "officer" she said "He sent me to go and buy milk for him. Then he gave me N200. “I bought the milk and when I returned, he asked me to bring it inside his room. He then said I should drop the milk on the table and sit down. “When I sat down, he told me to lie on the bed and remove my pants.

He now put his penis in my bum bum. “He put his penis at my front bum bum (she demonstrates by pointing at her private part). After that, he asked me to hide under the bed when my elder sister started calling my name. “One of our neighbours, Chioma, even entered his room to buy recharge card for him, though she didn’t see me, I saw her from under the bed. “When elder sister was shouting my name and looking for me, ‘officer’ told me to pretend like nothing happened and that I should pass through the backyard gate.

The girl later confessed to her elder sister when asked her where she was, intially she lied she was at her friend's house, but after much beating she said confessed she was at officer's apartment.
Immediately, her elder sister reported to their father, who was very angry, and the mother who returned from market few hours called her brothers, and they went to report at Amukoko Police Station, which led to the arrest of the suspect.

It was later discovered that, the man has been sleeping with the girl for quite a while. According to the girl  “the police told my Mummy to take me to Mirabel Centre at Ikeja for medical check-up. At the Mirabel Centre, the doctor said that it was not once, twice or thrice that officer has been having sex with me”. “How many times has he done such to you (sexual intercourse)?” the prosecutor asked. She replied: “Many times. I can’t really count.”

Furthermore, Andy, 40 had threatened to kill the girl, if she ever revealed the obnoxious act he has been perpetrating to anyone. Hence tje reason why the girl had kept quiet about the on-going incident.

The case had been adjourned to 0ctober 30th 2019, while Andy remains in police custody, pending the trial date.

Parents are strongly advised to watch over their children like a hawk, especially the girl child. Be your child's best friend, and confidant. 

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