Foods For A Flawless And Healthy Skin...

Everyone wants a flawless and healthy skin, irrespective of our skin tone, we all crave acne free skin. A healthy skin to so many people have different meaning, according to research, healthy skin to some people means, a skin that is free of acne and rashes, while some believe a radiant skin is synonymous to an healthy skin. Thus people go extra mile to ensure their skin is flawless and healthy.

Apart from cosmetics application, what we eat has a way of reflecting on our skin, there's a popular quote which says "you are what you eat". Therefore our skin has a way of compensating us, appearance wise, depending on the kind of food we ingest. So it is of utmost importance, to eat foods that will compliment our skin, hereby giving us a flawless and healthy skin.

The foods for a flawless and healthy skin are;

1. Pumpkin Leaves and Seeds:

Pumpkin is highly rich in zinc and vitamin c, which is good for the skin texture, it helps to eradicate acne and prevent skin diseases outbreak. Also, it repairs damaged skin cell. So whichever way you want it in your diet, you could add the leaves to your salad, or soup and you can also dry the seed, and eat it. Pumpkin leaves are common amongst the soup delicacies in west african region. It is popularly known as ugwu in Nigeria. So keep your skin flawless and healthy by adding pumpkin leaves and seeds to your diet.

2. Yoghurt and milk:

It was reported that the most beautiful queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, usually have a milk bath, and she had a flawless and radiant skin, during her lifetime. Milk and yoghurt are both diary products, which are rich in vitamin D. And vitamin D protects the skin against UV rays and free radicals, that are harmful to the skin. Yoghurt or milk can even be applied on the skin, to reduce the effect of sunburn, that's how good they are for your skin. So add yoghurt and milk to your meal plan and have a flawless and healthy skin.

3. Sea Foods:

According to research, Sea foods are highly nutritious and beneficial to the skin, far better than meat, seafoods like salmon,tuna, crabs, oysters e.t.c are rich in omega-3, which rids the body of free radicals, boosts immunity and increases the durability of the skin, hereby reducing susceptibility of the skin to acne outbreaks and other skin conditions. It also aids skin glow, and reduces wrinkle. So, make seafoods your favorite food, if you want a flawless and super healthy looking skin.

4. Red And Green Pepper: 

Luckily for us, almost all our daily meals, have peppers included, infact, most delicacies requires pepper, either for dressing or part of the core ingredients. Research had shown that pepper is rich in carotenoids, which eliminates free radicals from the body, and also serve as an antioxidant, hereby giving us a flawless and healthy skin. So keep your red and green pepper as part of your meal plan.

5. Red Beans: 

Red beans is highly proteinous, and protein is one of the building blocks of our skin cell, if you want to increase the elasticity and radiance of your skin, take more of red beans, than white beans. The high concentration of protein in red beans, helps the skin to heal faster, hereby preventing acne and loose skin. Thus beans is a food for flawless and healthy skin.

6. Pawpaw: 
Who doesn't like pawpaw? Apart from the fact that it's sweet and wholesome, it is very rich in vitamin C and D, a combination of acne and sunburn control properties. It also improves the texture of the skin, even most of the biggest cosmetic companies around the world, all have topical skin products, that has pawpaw as a key component. Now imagine what a pure and natural piece of pawpaw can do for your skin, if the topical cosmetic products with synthesized pawpaw could work wonders on your skin.

7. Water: 

I don't want to sound cliché, but the list of foods for a flawless and healthy skin, would be incomplete without water. "Water is life" according to a popular saying. Thus a dehydrated skin, is a lifeless skin. The more the moisture on your skin, the more radiant and healthy your skin becomes. So never deprive your skin of water, drink adequate amount of water daily, about 8 glasses, and have your bath twice daily. Then your skin will stay moisturised, flawless and healthy.

Conclusively, eat more of vegetables, nuts,berries, seafoods and drink more water, then you will achieve a flawless and healthy skin.

Author:  Peter Deerock.