Reasons why kylie jenner accepted her body stretch marks.

Until recently, we didn't know Kylie Jenner, the richest of the karjenner sisters, has stretch mark on her body, being a cosmetic mogul, we would have expected her to a have a flawless skin, being a beauty line owner. Stretch marks should not be an issue for a girl like her.

We would recall that Kylie gave birth to her first child Stormi over a year ago, for her ex- boyfriend Travis Scott. And as a result of giving birth, her body had experienced some physical changes, according to her. And one of these changes is stretch marks on her breast, butt, and thighs. Outrageous right? But it's natural for new mothers to have stretch marks after delivery, depends on the body type.

Kylie had told a fan on her instagram page few days back,  when one of her fans asked if she had stretch marks during pregnancy and if she is going to remove it. She replied "On my breasts, butt, and thighs! I haven't gotten rid of them. Just accepted them as a little gift from Stormi lol. (sic)"

Kyle said she regained her confidence after a while, and she now sees the stretch marks as a gift from her daughter, Stormi.
She doesn't have a plan on removing the stretch marks, what a cool thing for a mother to do.

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