Travis Scott is ready to fight the Kardashians/Jenners...will he still be allowed to see his daughter?

We all know by now, that the Kardashian/Jenners clan have not been lucky with men and dates, they are either having relationships drama, or breaking up with their partners at the slightest chance,and in a blink of an eye, they start dating someone new. Is it that they just love to change partners frequently? At least Kim Kardashian's marriage though shaky at a time, now looks stable, so she may actually be an exception for the first time.

Recently, Kylie broke up with Travis Scott, although the reasons given were that of different work schedule, so they rarely have time for each other and had to part on a friendly note. But it seems, that's not the real reason why they broke up, rumours had been circulating recently, that the Kardashians are not happy with Travis, and had been speaking ill of him.

It was reported, that Travis Scott doesn't like the ill gossips of the Kardashians about him, therefore he may retaliate, but he's being held back, because he doesn't want to have a problem seeing his daughter, Stormi who lives with Kylie Jenner.

Will he retaliate, if he can't take the Kardashians/Jenners slander anymore? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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