Crime Story: Texas Police nabbed a psycho Nigerian boy who killed his mother in cold blood.

According to reports, the Texas police had arrested a young nigerian man, identified as Eyitoluwa Olayeye, 20 for murdering his mother in cold blood.

An eye witness, at a hotel in downtown austin reportedly heard a woman screaming around 4:15am on Oct 6, saying "let me in" until she was dragged back to her room, by the suspect, who had been revealed to be her son.

Due to the noise and disturbance, the neighbours alerted the police, who arrived at hotel around 4.55am, on getting to the suspect's door, all attempts to gain a formal entrance into the room, proved futile, so the hotel management was instructed, to use a spare key card to open the suspect's door.

By the time the police could gain access into the room, it was too late, a woman was lieing faced down on the floor, and the suspect was lying  on her back, with his  arms wrapped around her body. Bizzare right?

A CPR was performed on the spot on the woman, but it was too late, the woman was confirmed dead on the scene. And the suspect was identified as her 20 year old nigerian son Eyitoluwa Olayeye.

A medical examiner at Travis County, later performed an autopsy on the victim's corpse, and findings revealed, deep skull hemorrhaging, hemorrhaging around the neck, lacerations to the inner mouth, petechial hemorrhaging and signs of strangulation. Obviously a murder case, which would be tried at the court of law.

Would the Olaleye get a death sentence for killing his mother in cold blood?
We'll keep you posted as the case unravels.

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