Finally!!! Kylie Jenner is dating Drake...Did Travis Scott feel betrayed?

Whoever thought, the richest of the Kardashian-Jenner's sisters,Kylie Jenner would wait a while before dating again, after her supposedly peaceful break up with her baby daddy, Travis Scott, must have been unrealistic.

Based on the track records of the Karjenner clan, they don't tarry, before moving on from one failed relationship, to a new one, we wonder if it's because they are  hot and sexy, or perhaps they just love adventures pertaining relationship.

The cosmetic mogul, Kylie who broke up with her partner, Travis Scott recently, had been stirring up suspicion amongst fans, and even her ex boyfriend, who felt they could still be together in future, since their break up was based on different work schedule, and not infidelity or trust issues.

We would not forget easily, how she and musical artiste,Drake, who happens to be a close pal of her baby's daddy, were flirting during her 22nd birthday party, last October. And at the just concluded Halloween's party, this november, they were all over each other.

Report has it, that the two friends, had been seeing each other, and although they've not been caught red handed, but we hope to see what the real deal is between these two cuties real soon. Drake had been friends with the KarJenners for quite some years, so it is possible, they've had feelings for each other for a while now, and since opportunity had presented itself, what's stopping them from dating each other?

Although, Travis Scott, is opined, Drake is his pal, and wouldn't date his baby mama. We don't know how he would feel, if Drake and Kylie finally make their romantic relationship public. 

Let's keep our fingers crossed. More updates coming your way.

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