Idris Elba is no longer the sexiest man alive, he has been displaced by who?

Hollywood's hunk, Idris Elba had been displaced from the people's sexiest man alive spot, as a new celebrity fills the 2019 spot of the sexiest man alive. Of course he wouldn't have expected to hold the title for two consecutive years

On tuesday night Nov.12, one of hollywood's favorite pop stars , in person of John Legend, was revealed on NBC's The Voice show, as people's magazine sexiest man alive, 2019.
John legend who is currently a judge on" The Voice" singing competition show, was blown away, when the announcement was made.

 The multi grammy award winner had told the people's magazine earlier, that he felt the pressure to displace Idris Elba, who was  2018 sexiest man alive, he said it was unfair and not nice to him, that Idris had won last year's title, obviously he was joking.

Congrats to John Legend, a well deserved accolade, we would all agree.

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