Lol..Naira Marley called out Lagos Police PRO, saying she wants to have sex with him...but she's too ugly.

Nigerian musical artist, Naira Marley, recently had instagram show down with Lagos State Police Public relations officer, Badmus Opetodolapo after she called him a “deliquent and unproductive dead duck" for suggesting that having a big booty is better than having a degree.

The "Soapy" crooner had been called out by so many celebrities in the past, over his controversial music, and he had wasted no time in dealing them a heavier blow in retaliation. We won't easily forget when he called dance queen "Kaffy" old and outdated, when she said his recent hit "soapy" is too vulgar.

Now, he believes Badmus called him out, because she wants to have sex with him, but he's not responsive because she's too ugly. Here's what he posted on instagram “This Instagram police wants to have sex with me but she is really ugly.”

Could it be true, or is he just being petty? Funny though, what do you think?

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