Easy Tips For Acne Free Skin In 2020.....Clear Skin.

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin conditions, which cuts across all age brackets, race and socio-economic demography. Irrespective of who we are or where we come from, humans are susceptible to have acne at a particular point in their lives.
Although acne, differs in degree from mild pimples to chronic pimples and other forms of skin condition, the fact remains, it is not healthy for our skin and it has it's adverse effect both physically and health wise. Thus the following tips would help curtail acne outbreak on our skin.

1. Stop resting your cheek on your hand: Research had shown that, no matter how hygenic we may be. Our hands inevitably attracts bacteria, either by holding a door knob, through hand shake and other normal daily activities we engage in. Thus the common habit of resting our cheek on our hand can cause transfer of bacteria from the hand to the cheek, which may lead to irritation of facial skin or acne outbreak. Therefore, it is important to keep our hands off of our face, at all cost.

2. Stop using harsh antiseptic or toiletries: Our skin is very sensitive and delicate, even though the level of sensitivity differs, depending on skin type. Harsh antiseptics and toiletries usually cause inflammation and dryness of the skin, hereby leading to acne outbreak. It is therefore advisable to go for mild antiseptic, which would fight germs and still pamper your skin.

3. Stop experimenting with different cosmetics: Different cosmetics brand have their secret formulas, which differs in content and concentration. Some sensitive skin reacts to cosmetics and creams containing hydroquinone which has been discovered to be harmful to skin, so such products should be avoided, and also once you find a particular product that suits your skin, stick to it, instead of trying different products, that may react on your skin. Note that what works for your friend's skin may not work for you. Your skin is unique.

4. Drink water like a fish: Yes drink water like a fish, even though research suggest 9-12 glasses of water. There's never too much of water to drink. When your body demands it, don't hesitate. When you are dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and susceptible to acne, so to keep it supple and moisturised, always stay hydrated.

5. Change your pillow case and bed sheet every 3 days:  It is normal for humans to sweat, especially on hot days, even after bathing, we still sweat. Once we sleep on our bed, our sweat coupled with oily air and skin products would lead to accumulation of bacteria on our bed sheet and pillow case and prolonged skin contact with these soiled bedsheet and pillow case, could cause skin irritation and acne outbreak. Therefore keep your bedsheet and pillow case clean and change or wash every 3 days.

6. Take your multivitamins: Cod liver oil and over the counter multivitamins, help regulate skin condition, vitamin E keeps the skin radiant and supple, also multivitamins help to balance the missing nutrients in our food, hence curtailing malnourishment of our body and skin.

7. Stop picking your pimples: Picking of pimples has never  helped anyone control acne outbreak, instead it aggravates the situations and enhances the spread of acne to unaffected areas, instead of picking, try over the counter anti-acne creams. 

8. Exercise and diet: Exercise and diet had always been predominant factors, when it comes to skin health, exercise helps unblock the skin pores, hence preventing accumulation of bacteria on the skin, which could cause acne outbreak, also healthy diet, like cutting excess carb and fats from your food, helps prevent pimples and acne outbreak on the skin. Remember you are what you eat, and exercise is your friend.

In conclusion, you can prevent and even cure acne, by utilizing the afore mentioned tips. Your skin determines your physical appearance level of attractiveness. Keep it healthy and clean.

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