Tips For Overcoming Boredom During Pandemic Lock Down.

Due to the increase in mortality rate, all across the world, as a result of Corona Virus ( Covid-19) global outbreak. Governments of different countries across the world had initiated a lock down protocol, so as to curb the continous spread of the deadly virus Covid-19. And also to prevent massive loss of lives.

In this harsh time, a lot of people who are always on the move, or at work or have a hectic schedule, will experience boredom, due to an abrupt change in lifestyle, courtesy of the compulsory pandemic lock down.

So what do we do to overcome boredom, while we stay in self isolation till the pandemic situation subside? Here's a list of the things you can do to overcome boredom and stay productive while the pandemic lock down lasts.

1. Nuture Your Broken Relationship With Family And Loved Ones: Sometimes during the course of life's strife, we tend to focus our attention on work and things that don't really matter, while our loved ones and family rarely hear from us, hereby leading to strain or even broken relationship with our family and loved ones. Self isolation can be very boring and frustrating, so why not cease the moment to call, and even use the social media to chat with our family and loved ones, and try to bond with them. And also ensure you keep in touch after the lock down. Remember life gets sweeter, when we show love and care. This is one of the most important tips for overcoming boredom during pandemic lock down

2. Do Whatever gives you pleasure: Yes, we tend to get pleasure from our hobbies, it could be singing, writting, movies, so instead of being idle and bored, you can subscribe to a mobile movie platform, or renew your Television cable subscription, then you can have a lot of options and genre of movies to choose from, and the good thing about movies and music is that,  you will never run out of options. Also if you are a writer, this is a time to develop your writing skill, get inspired and start writing something fabulous.

3. Acquire skills online: This is not just a time to have fun, you can invest in yourself, by picking up skills online, it could be baking, cooking, musical instruments, you can even develop your vocabulary. There are so many free online platforms to acquire skills without paying a dime. At the end of the pandemic lock down, you'll come out a better person.

4. Try Video Games: Now , i know you'll love this idea, because video games are so cool. If you can't afford the latest X-Box or PS. You can always pick up the older version and still have a good time. And video games are so addictive and time consuming, trust me, you could spend the whole day playing games and won't even have time to eat talkless of getting bored. I know you can relate.

5. Take an online professional course: I know some people are not built for fun, yes the geeks rarely have time to play, so if you are a geek, good for you, there are so many free online professional courses, that you'll just pay a little fee to get a real certificate at the end of the course. This could help boost your resume, and aid career advancement. At the end of the pandemic lock down, you'll be a step ahead in your career.

6. Time To Reflect And Adjust: Usually we all need a quiet time occasionally, not until pandemic lock down occurs. Our quiet time is a time to reflect on our past mistakes and adjust so as to prevent further damage or re-ocurrence of such mistakes in the future. It is also a time to plan ahead and strategize whether in your business line or career. So pandemic lock down is not a time to be bored, ot is a time to be better.
In conclusion, do not see pandemic lock down as a set back, instead, see it as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself, and come out of it better and stronger.

7. Home Work Out: Now is not the time to fall out of shape, due to gym facilities lock down, you can work out from home, by watching home work out routine online, or stay tuned to our blog for home work out routine. So you have all the time to get in shape and look more attractive, no more excuses. Start working out at home today and come out of the pandemic lock down more attractive and fit.

Conclusively, any of the tips for overcoming boredom during pandemic boredom will work for you, all you need to is try them out.

Remember to practice social distancing, and personal hygeine. Other information to prevent the current Covid-19 from infecting you, are on the websites of the Center For Disease Control of your respective countries. Or visit the world health organisation website. At

Stay safe, stay vigilant. Covid-19 is real.


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