Dispute Over Kayne West Latest Billionaire Status According To Forbes Richest List.

 If you could vividly recall one of the most remarkable events in music industry in 2019, was Kayne West becoming a born again and releasing the highly succesful Sunday service album. Looks like it keeps getting better for the rapper and fashion mogul.
While the world is experiencing it's lowest season in the history of mankind, Kayne west is experiencing his highest season so far in his career, as he had been officially added to Forbes billionaire's list, with an estimate of $1.3billion.

As we all know apart from his successful music career, his fashion business with respect to the Yeezy brand has been tremendously succesful and popularly demanded across the world.
Even though he is officially a billionaire, with $300 000 ahead of his sister inlaw Kylie Jenner. The Yeezy brand mogul lashed out at Forbes Magazine  saying his actual networth is estimated at $3billion, claiming that Forbes incompetently under valued him, due to their lack of  ability to calculate accurately.

Forbes however said, Kayne's claim is unfounded and can't be verified, that he is clearly over estimating his networth. However the husband of Kim Kardashian has finally become a billionaire, who would ever think someone could go from being bankrupt to becoming a billionaire. Kim Kardashian is very happy with her husband's recent financial status.

Although we all know, Kayne has a flair for the dramatics, he may have over estimated his networth, but the fact remains he's no longer a millionaire. Yes he's now a billionaire and he deserves to be called a billionaire henceforth.

Congratulations to the west clan. Another big win of the year.