Step Father Kills Step Son For Money Ritual..Boy's Mother Allegedly Involved

Ever since the Federal Government of Nigeria had placed some states in the country on lock down, so as to control the spread of Covid-19. The rate of nefarious activities and crimes have risen exponentially in those particular states. Although the governments of the affected states like Lagos, Ogun and Fct are tackling the issue of crime activities the best way they can, but the priority of the government currently is to flatten the curve of Covid-19 in the states and the country at large. Thus most perpetrators get away with their crime.

But, a certain man identified as Lajuwon Ogunleye didn't get away with his crime this time, as he was reportedly nabbed by the police command of Ogun state for killing his 7 year old step son, Pelumi Apala for money ritual purpose. Shockingly it was reported that the mother of the victim, Adetutu Apalaya was also involved in the planning and killing of her own son, another man identified as Fatai Sefiu was also an accomplice.

Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, according to reports said that the Abigi Divisional Headquarters received an information of a boy being buried inside a bush at Iwopin, Ogun Waterside area of the state, in an upright position after some of his body parts had been removed.

The police caught the three perpetrators on the scene, while burying the boy. It was reported that those in the neighbourhood quietly informed the police after discovering the suspects heinous activities. Hence an arrest was made instantaneously.

According to tribune tabloids...the third accomplice, Shehu confessed that the boy was truely used for money ritual by the step father, with the permission of the boy's mother. He said he only joined them after the killing had been done, so he wasn't involved in the killing.

The case has been transferred to the command’s headquarters according to the state commissioner of police, Kenneth Ebrimson, for further investigation.