African Union Endorses Madagascar Covid-19 Cure.

Year 2020 has been a dreadful year so far across the globe due to the catastrophic effect of Corona Virus (Covid-19). Ever since the outbreak of the virus few months back, health institutions across the world, non governmental organisations, and World Health Organisation have been working around the clock to develop a vaccine to prevent and cure the novel virus covid-19.

Just when the trial of the vaccine allegedly developed in the united kingdom led to the death of the first volunteer. An african country, Madagascar took the lead, in the race for an  effective vaccine that may actually cure covid-19.
The president of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina announced few weeks ago that the country research institute had developed a herbal cure for covid-19. He allegedly injected himself with the corona virus, and took the cure afterwards and obviously he's still alive till date.

Although, there were skepticism surrounding the effectiveness of the cure, especially in the first week of the report made by Andry Rajoelina. World Health organisation was unreactive about endorsing the covid-19 remedy developed by Madagascar. But recently according to report, african countries leaders have started working towards importing the cure, obviously they are tired of waiting on china and other developed countries for the cure.

Matter of fact, Tanzanian president John Magufuli has promised to import the herbal cure developed by madagascar,also other african countries leaders, namely Cyril Ramaphosa (African Union Chairperson and South Africa), Boubacar Keita (Mali), Felix Tshisekedi (DRC), Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), Abdul Fatah El Sisi (Egypt), Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Mahamadou Issoufou (Niger), Idris Derby (Chad) are also considering taking the cure.

In the coming weeks, the herbal remedy for covid-19 is expected to circulate africa as a continent. And since the president of african union has endorsed it. It is safe to say africa has endorsed the cure. Hopefully other countries of the world would embrace the cure, if it rids africa of corona virus (covid-19).

In the meantime, keep hope alive and stay safe.


  1. As much as it's a good idea to consider alternative medicine in the race against the pandemic, one should be consider the fact that the extensive research hasn't been carried out as regards to the herbal cure. Can WHO look into this possible solution "herbal remedy" and determine it's effectiveness. I strongly hope it's not just another OROKI herbal mixture...

    1. Lol at oroki.🤣🤣🤣 anyways report has it that the cure has been curing covid-19 patients in madagascar, and trust me, the world is watching to see if it'll boomerang.I just hope WHO won't end up saying "i told you so".

  2. At least there's hope.And other countries should step up their research game too, so we can finally be free of the virus.