Simple Home Work Out Routine For Everyone.

Now that gyms and yoga studios across the world are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. It is conspicuous that people have started gaining extra pounds, due to the stay at home measure, put in place so as to contain the spread of the virus. Such a sudden change in people's  lifestyle is definitely expected to have an effect on their physique and health, fitness wise. 
Now people no longer have the opportunity of working out in group at the gym, also no personal trainer's motivation. Even before the pandemic, not everyone could afford gym exorbitant fee, hence they use that as an excuse to lead a fitness and exercise free lifestyle.

Here's the goodnews. Do you know you don't need a gym membership to workout and stay in shape? Yes all you need to stay in shape is at home with you. Yes no need to pay for gym membership, your chair and table at home can be very instrumental towards your staying in shape. I'll highlight  some home workout routines that are very easy but effective. Yes anyone can make use of these workout routines and visible result will be achieved, physique and fitness wise.

1. Leg Push Up With Chair:

This simple home work out routine is different from the regular horizontal push up where both legs will be on the floor. Here you need a chair pushed agianst the wall, or just get a well balanced chair to avoid tripping off and also for stability. Then when you get a stable chair. You place both your legs on it, while your two hands are stretch foward on the floor. That is, you are facing the floor and your two hands on the floor will be your support. Then you raise your yourself up and down with your elbow bent at 45 degree angle. While also keeping your head straight forward.

Avoid moving your legs from the static chair while lifting body up and down. Also avoid moving your hands off the floor to avoid injury. Only your body and elbow should move while doing leg push up with chair.
You can start with 15 reps, take 5 seconds rest, then increase it to 20 reps and upward as your body adjusts to the routine.
This will help build your chest, arm and core

2.Hand Push Up With Chair: 

This simple home work out routine is similar to the leg push up with chair, it's just an inversion here. This time your two hands will be on the static chair, while your two legs will be on the floor. Then you lift your body up and down. Avoid moving your hands off the chair and your legs must remain static on the floor. Only your body and elbow should do the movement. Remember elbow should be bent at 45 degree angle.

You can start with 20 reps here, it's easier than the leg push up with chair, then take 5 seconds rest and increase it to 30 reps and upward as your body adjusts to the routine.

3. Chair Lunges:

Place chair against the wall for balance, then place your hands on any part of a chair firmly. Bend the your right knees and lower them towards the floor like you are getting ready to run on a race track, until the  knee is very  close the floor while your left knee is still static and very far from the floor, then you bend your left knee close to the floor, while the right knee is far from the floor, Keep repeating the bending of right and left knee intermitenttly, while your hands remain static on the chair. Keep your hand from falling off the chair to avoid injury. You can start with 15 reps and increase it as your body adjusts to the routine.

This simple home work out routine will help tone your body shape, strengthen your legs, hips and back.

4. Table squats:

Squat is a very prominent exercise in the world of fitness, and it varies, but the focus of today is to use your table as your support while squating. Place your two hands on the surface of a static table, then bend both knees, then you push your self upward and downward repeatedly and as fast as you can, while your hands remain firmly on the table surface. You can start with 15reps and step it up when you no longer feel a resistance.

Avoid loosing your grip on the table, so you won't be injured.
This home work out routine gives strength to your back, hips and legs. And as a plus for the ladies, it's proven to be effective for big butt and hips. According to report from fitness enthusiasts.

5. Knee Crunch:

Here you don't need a table or chair, your living room or compound floor will suffice. Lay a mat or piece of cloth on the floor, if you care about the cleanliness of your training outfit, otherwise you are good to go without a mat. Lie on your back, bend your knee with your feet planted firmly on the floor, then you stretch forth your two hands at your knee level, then raise the upper part of your body to meet your knee, move forward and backward intermittently, keep your head straight forward as you move, you should feel a resistance at your core or stomach if you are doing the routine correctly.

This will help strengthen your core and make your abs or 6 packs visible with time, even if you don't want your abs to show, for the ladies, flat stomach is guaranteed.

6. Abs Blaster:

This routine is called abs blaster because it makes your abs visible within a very short period of taking it. Get yourself in a crunch position, but this time your feet will not be on the floor,infact your legs will be raised up very high, if possible get a table or a grip string to support your legs, only your buttocks will be on the floor, because you will lift your upper body to almost meet your toe.

This will effectively rip your abs within a very short period of time. Moreso this will tone your body shape quickly. I think this should be your favorite of all the home workout routines.

7. Grip strength:

Normally you would use a kettle bell for this in the gym. But no need to waste money on kettle bell, you can fill a 20ltr keg with water and lift it up without dropping it for 10 seconds for a start, you can also buy a very cheap string grip and train with it.
This simple home work out routine will help strengthen your hands and biceps. Also research has shown that a stronger grip is associated with a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. So start a grip strength routine today and stay healthy.

In conclusion, all the afore mentioned simple home workout routine were carefully selected with the consideration of everyone irrespective of their age, gender and socio-economic status. Now you can stay in shape wherever you are and whoever you are. You deserve to look your best and money, age or gender shouldn't be a barrier. 

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  1. This is awesome and unique from what's there, who knew chairs and table could be so useful for fitness trainings.

    1. Yes my friend,who knew chairs and tables at home can help keep us in shape. Thanks to research and thanks to you for the kind comment. You're also awesome.

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