A Texan Woman Had Confessed To Killing A Homeless Woman In Self Defence.

The issue of gun violence is obviously one of the downside of living in the United States in recent times, as citizens are allowed to own guns, in as much they are registered according to the provision made by the law. Most registered gun owners either use it to commit suicide or murder, while feigning self defence according to reports.

Recently a registered gun owner identified as  Christine Fesus, 34 , had reportedly Killed an homeless woman, in Houston, Texas parking lot. The accused said she was walking her dog in a shopping center Sunday night when a “homeless woman” threatened her and “aggressively” approached her, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Fesus said she pulled out a gun and  shot  the woman  identified as 36-year-old Deandrea Citizen , and ran home after comitting the heinous act.

The 36 year old, Citizen was found dead in the parking lot of a Food Town grocery store. Investigators revealed  Fesus called 911 from her nearby apartment and told deputies she shot the woman. She provided a statement and a pistol to the sheriff’s office. But a nearby surveillance camera proved otherwise, the story reported by Fesus was completely different from what was revealed by the surveillance camera. There was no confrontation nor attack by the deceased.

Friends of the deceased, told the police she normally sleeps  at the entrance of a church, located in the same shopping center where the grocery store also operates.  Obviously the homeless woman was murdered because Fesus had a gun and an unchecked emotion.

Fesus case goes to court today, Wednesday, July 28, she had been remanded in prison after her arrest.

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