Life span and health status had been reported by many studies to be highly dependent on lifestyle choices. According to Alfred Monapert "Every person has free choice. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices", thus we could either extend or shorten our life span by the lifestyle choice we make today. And incase you are confused on what to do to live a long and healthy life, these 7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life will come in handy hacks will come in handy, if you observe them consistently.

1. Eating Habits:

7 Lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life

one of the most important lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life, is to keep your eating habit in check. A popular saying goes " you are what you eat " indeed whatever you ingest will reflect on the outside. People tend to look older than their actual age, and eventually wear out within and outward ,due to bad eating habits, such as over eating, high level of carbs and cholesterol content food, late night food etc.. St Louis University researchers have confirmed that eating less helps you age slower and also reduction of high carbs and cholesterol food intake is paramount to maintaining your youthful look; in a 2008 study they found that limiting calories lowered production of T3, a thyroid hormone that slows metabolism—and speeds up the aging process. Furthermore bad eating habits have been associated with obesity and also disposition to heart diseases. Therefore the best way to keep your diet balanced and healthy so as to successfully implement one of the important hacks to live a long and healthy life, is to follow a personalized and routine diet plan developed by a diet expert or leave a comment below or send us a mail for your personalized diet plan. Now that you have one of the 7 hacks to live a long and healthy lifestyle, will it suffice? obviously not enough, which takes us to the other lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life.

2. Constant Exposure to UV Rays:

7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life

We all know how much we enjoy sunbathing in summer, especially when you want that cool skin tan, do you know that excessive exposure to UV rays from the sun, makes that your lovely skin susceptible to skin cancer and rapid aging? Skin cancer is prevalent in most countries, especially in the tropical region with high temperature. Although some occupation comes with constant exposure to sun, always use a sun shade, and also sunscreen lotion, with an SPF 15 or higher. You can always get Spf lotion in your local grocery stores. Note: it has not been established that  sunscreen protects against malignant melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer, so your best protection is to minimize direct sun exposure and wear protective clothing. Now you have another important lifestyle hack to live a long and healthy life, but that's not all, hang on, which takes us to the next hack.

3. Lift heavy loads Skillfully:

7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy lifestyle

The importance of our backbone cannot be over emphasized, I mean who wants to break a backbone? Nobody, I guess, so to preserve your precious backbone, When you're heaving heavy items, kneel down to pick them up, don't bend over from the waist, and clench your abs as you stand up to take the strain off your lower back. Nice and good, let's go to the next point.

4. Exercise and Fitness:

7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life

 According to a certified fitness trainer- Dr David Atkinson."Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity," Regular exercise not only keeps you fit and enhance your physique, it also helps to boost your mental and psychological domain, by reducing your stress level. Hence you avoid psychological breakdown, mid life crisis and suicidal urge, visit a fitness gym today or do simple exercises like jogging and push ups at home. 

5. Sex Life:

7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life

Another important lifestyle hack to prolong your life and enjoy good health is Sex life. This cannot be omitted, even though it is overlooked by most people. So many have lost their lives through unprotected sex, multiple sex partners, violent sex. So when getting down to sex business with your partner, know your breaking point. Research has proven that sex has its benefits, regular sex may lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep, boost your immunity, and protect your heart. Nevertheless while getting pleasure, keep your head in the game and practice a safe sex life. 

6. Alcohol and Smoking:

A full journal could be written on the detriment of alcohol intake and smoking, especially when it becomes addictive properties. But I'll narrow it down to few lines. We are still talking about 7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life. An excessive amount of consumption of alcohol often leads to alcoholic liver disease. This disease can be fatal. Some of the effects of this disease include cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis C and steatosis. Drinking heavily for only a few days in a row can even result in the development of steatosis, an early symptom of alcoholic liver disease. It is the most common liver disorder related to alcohol. Hepatitis results from a person who chronically indulges in excessive amounts of alcohol and can be deadly. It causes an inflammation of the liver with symptoms including vomiting, nausea, fever and abdominal pain.

Smoking on the other hand has an adverse effect on the human liver. When smoking is done in conjunction with excessive consumption of alcohol, the smoking will increase the damage that alcohol has on the liver. Smoking itself activates chemicals within the human body created from the chemicals in cigarettes. They suppress the oxygen levels which are linked to lipid peroxidation. This allows fibrosis of the liver to develop.

Furthermore. because the calorie count in alcohol is very high, consumption of a large amount can increase the caloric intake of consumers and lead to obesity. Obesity puts a lot of strain on the heart. There is also risk of suffering a stroke and even sudden cardiac death. Quitting smoking and drinking would not be easy, but take a step at a time. Also self help group and counselling could do a lot for you. Next hack is interesting!

7. Make time for yourself :

7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life

 Life is all about ups and downs, we cross so many hurdles, set so many goals, and sometimes push ourselves to meet up with our peer and society standards. Through all this, we tend to forget taking time to relax and just enjoy life for few moments. I quote, "work without rest, is suicidal " high stress level can lead to depression, high cholesterol and weight gain, amongst others. So why not find a particular time of the week to relax and forget the complications of life.

Finally, you have the power to cut short your life span or prolong it, if you feel you are going down the path that could endanger your health or reduce your lifespan, then it's time you made a healthy lifestyle choice. The 7 lifestyle hacks to live a long and healthy life should be your guide for lifestyle change and modification.


Peter Deerock


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