Trouble: FOX Canceled Empire After Cast demanded Jussie "Jamal" Smollet's reinstatement.

It seems Jussie Smollet's irrational act has finally cost "Empire" and it's cast a future. The television drama about a hip hop music family based in Chicago has been in trouble since Smollett’s hoax attack debacle that began on Jan. 29 when he told police he was jumped by two white men in his Streeterville neighborhood. 
Ever since Smollet's charges were dropped, the ratings of the show had dropped by

half, from 6 million viewers to barely 4 million viewers. Which is the aftermath of the hate crime staged by smollet.

Bitter Sweet Farewell To Jussie "Jamal" Smollet On Empire. He has been kicked out despite his plea to be kept by the show.

According to a new report. Jussie Smollet has been fired from Empire, after begging creator Lee Daniels to keep his job. It seems like it's inevitable for the show to write him off, due to the low ratings and bad publicity he has caused the show, ever since he pulled off a racism heist.