10 Foods For A Healthy Heart.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), about approximately 18 million people die every year from heart diseases, and majority of these deaths emanate from either stroke or heart attack. Heart diseases are responsible for about 31% of all deaths worldwide.
We all know, the heart is a vital organ that keeps the body moving and breathing, once the heart stops, death is imminent. Thus in order to lead a long and healthy life, we have to start taking good care of our hearts.
Thus, diet and exercise are paramount for the proper functioning of the heart. But emphasis would be laid on diet, because not everyone has the habit or opportunity of exercising, but every one eats food. So here are the foods you should start eating, if you want a healthy heart.

Beyonce featured daughter Blue Ivy, Wizkid, SAINt JHN: Fans are going crazy about it.

The bey hives and lovers of beyonce's music  have been raving, ever since beyonce dropped her new album, ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ on July 19, but her fans raved over one track in particular — her collab with Blue Ivy! Bey enlisted her 7-year-old daughter to help her out on the special track.
Blue Ivy, 7, is well on her way to superstardom! Beyonce’s adorable daughter proved she has the vocal chops to go the long haul when she released an impressive collaboration with her famous mom.

Nemesis: R.kelly fears "he may be killed" in prison by inmates for sex crimes.

R kelly was denied bail earlier this week after pleading not guilty to charges of child pornography and sex trafficking. The 52-year-old is allegedly being kept in solitary confinement because he doesn’t feel safe around other inmates in prison.
The rapper is ‘fearing for his life’ in prison due to the sex crimes he’s accused of, his attorney Nicole Blank Becker claimed to TMZ.

6 Effective Tips For Skin Glow.

Due to our daily lives activities, our skin is inevitably exposed to all kinds of harmful things ranging from dust, pollution, germs, and the sun’s UV rays! Over time, all these factors add up to cause spots, pimples, dark patches, and make our skin look dark and dull. Before we know it, our skin and complexion have deteriorated in to a shadow of it's former glow.
Some people are lucky to be born with the perfect skin, that is, a well hydrated and less oily skin, which helps their skin look radiant. But due to lack of proper skin care routine, over time they lose that glowing skin.
There's a common misconception that only those with fair skin complexion can actually glow, which is not true, it doesn't matter what skin shade or colour you have. With the right skin care routine, you can achieve and mantain that glow, or even get that skin glow back in case you've lost it.
Here are some simple tips for glowing skin