Justice at last: Jussie "Jamal" Smollet Returns To "Empire" Tv Show.

Things appear to be finally turning around in favor, of the embattled actor Jussie "Jamal" Smollet, who was black listed by hollywood and removed from the popular Fox music/crime TV show "Empire" after he was prosecuted for supposedly staging a hate crime.

Ryan Reynolds Just Went Too Far With His Beef For Hugh Jackman...is he truly an evil person?

If you are a fan of Hollywood's gossips and beef, it would no longer be surprising to you that the star of Marvel's Woverine Hugh Jackman and star of DeadPool Ryan Reynolds have always been on each other's neck and always try to annoy each other. 

Bracelets And Pop Culture...How To Ugrade Your Style With Trendy Bracelets In 2020.

Fashion as we know it today, has come a long way, infact boundaries had been broken across all genders and age brackets, all thanks to fashion
innovations, now people can actually look good, even on a casual day like weekends. 
One of the recent trends in popular culture is the full blend of bracelets in to fashion main stream, such that notable celebrities like, Zayn Malik, Selena Gomez and even the queen bey herself Beyoncé now sport bracelets to compliment their outfits and fashionability.