Foods For A Flawless And Healthy Skin...

Everyone wants a flawless and healthy skin, irrespective of our skin tone, we all crave acne free skin. A healthy skin to so many people have different meaning, according to research, healthy skin to some people means, a skin that is free of acne and rashes, while some believe a radiant skin is synonymous to an healthy skin. Thus people go extra mile to ensure their skin is flawless and healthy.

Hit And Run Crime story: Reckless driver deliberately killed a traffic warden in Kano.

What a wicked world we live in, an official of Kano Road Traffic Agency, was reportedly killed in a deliberate hit and run yesterday, by a reckless driver, who is yet to be captured by the police, after escaping the scene of the crime.

Shocking!!! Married men can now officiate as priests in catholic church....see the criteria given by the pope.

Religion is one of the greatest and most powerful institution on earth, and the roman catholic church still has the largest population in the Christiandom till date. One of the most sacred rule guiding the ordination of reverend fathers in catholic is a life of celibacy, that is they would live a life without sexual intercourse or marriage.

Jeff Bezos is no longer the richest man in the world....he has been displaced by who?

 The battle for the spot of world's richest has been a fierce one for quite a while now. And it's been based on strategic business and finances moves. A wrong  financial can easily cost a billionaire his or her spot on the forbes list world richest. And that's exactly what happened to the now former world's richest man Jeff Bezos.

Crime Story: Scared mother caught a stranger bathing her child at midnight.

Bizzare occurrences never ceased to happen, Areica Hill, a resident of Ohio, USA, had woken up at midnight on october 16, only to find a strange woman, bathing her two year old son in a bath tub.

50 Cent has insomnia,as TV show "Power" gets episodes uncertain.

It's a sad week for 50 Cent and Power fan base, recently Broadcaster Comcast Packages had excluded popular Tv channel Starz, which is the home of the trending Tv series "Power".

Travis Scott is ready to fight the Kardashians/Jenners...will he still be allowed to see his daughter?

We all know by now, that the Kardashian/Jenners clan have not been lucky with men and dates, they are either having relationships drama, or breaking up with their partners at the slightest chance,and in a blink of an eye, they start dating someone new. Is it that they just love to change partners frequently? At least Kim Kardashian's marriage though shaky at a time, now looks stable, so she may actually be an exception for the first time.

Reasons why kylie jenner accepted her body stretch marks.

Until recently, we didn't know Kylie Jenner, the richest of the karjenner sisters, has stretch mark on her body, being a cosmetic mogul, we would have expected her to a have a flawless skin, being a beauty line owner. Stretch marks should not be an issue for a girl like her.

5 Keys To Achieving A Happy Life.

Happiness is the most desired goal in life, and humans pursue it till their days elapsed on earth. Everyone wants to be happy, but the more we reach for it, the farther it seems.
Happiness is usually determined by our level of financial achievement, career advancement, marital bliss, perfect relationship with loved ones and matching up with our contemporaries. And when any of these factors is not moving according to expectations, our mood becomes erratic and sadness sets in. 

Crime story: Policeman defiled 9 year old girl on several occassions in Lagos.

A 40 year old policeman, Andy Eghobamien has been arraigned before Ikeja Special Offences and Domestic Violence Court, Lagos, on the 9th of october 2019, for alledgely having a carnal knowledge of a primary five pupil, it was reported he sexually abused the 9 year old girl  on so many occasions.

Liam Hemsworth Dating Again, After Ending Marriage With Miley Cyrus

The world can’t easily forget the nasty break up of Hollywood’s sweethearts, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, which occurred in August 2019. And it has been reported to be a very painful experience to Liam, who is now trying to move on with his life. He doesn't seem to have a plan to start  dating anytime soon.

Crime Story: South African Returnee Nabbed For Robbery In Lagos

Two suspected individuals of a theft gang,  one of them a South African returnee , were arrested with the aid of operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, for allegedly dispossessing a laptop seller of three Apple laptops worth N1.5million at gunpoint.
The suspects, Victor Remi, 27, who claims to be a forex dealer and Ekeh Maxwell, 23, a musician, posed as a driving force and Managing Director of a enterprise. 

Beyonce Fights Dirty In Court Over Daughter "Blue Ivy".

Beyonce and Morales have been locked in a
dispute over the trademark "Blue Ivy" for years . Beyonce has been looking to get the trademark to her daughter’s name, however Morales claims she had already been using it. They are scheduled to move to trial in the case.
Morales wants BeyoncĂ© to turn over all documents showing any evidence she deliberate to virtually use the trademark "Blue Ivy" (seeing that Morales doesn’t trust the singer ever planned to use it) and any samples of her rationale to apply the name.
Beyonce lately laid out her complete argument for being granted the trademark.

Tiwa Savage ridiculed by a famous sports activities tv presenter, Charles Anazodo on Twitter for ignoring him.

It seems whilst Tiwa was speeding for her interview the day prior to this at BeatFM 99 with Olisa Adibua, the sports presenter (Charles Anazodo) was on the path to which she turned into on foot. Tiwa however walked past him without extending her greetings. The presenter however took offence and went to twitter to blast Tiwa Savage over her alleged “discourteous” attitude.”