Kayne West just went on twitter to blast Kim and mother In-law Kris Jenner.

Just as we envisaged, we knew the stunt Kayne West pulled at his first presidential rally on sunday, will not go unattended to.
Kayne just went on twitter to call out his wife Kim kardashian and mother in law, kris jenner.

The Kardashians are furious at Kayne West as he reveals he wasn't ready to be a father when Kim got pregnant...is his presidential ambition at stake?

We all know Kayne West is handful and highly controversial, especially with his words. He's currently under heat from his wife's family and fans. Infact a divorce may be imminent.

BBN 2020 started with married house mates denying their spouses.

The highly anticipated Big Brother Naija 2020 Edition, finally started yesterday and as expected, drama and series of unbelievable and funny events had started unraveling in the BBN house.