Gigi Hadid Is Pregnant With Zayn Malik's Baby.

Recently super model Gigi Hadid, celebrated her 25th birthday, but it seems she actually has more than a birthday to celebrate,as a close family source has disclosed to TMZ that Gigi is pregnant and she's 20 weeks gone.

Step Father Kills Step Son For Money Ritual..Boy's Mother Allegedly Involved

Ever since the Federal Government of Nigeria had placed some states in the country on lock down, so as to control the spread of Covid-19. The rate of nefarious activities and crimes have risen exponentially in those particular states. Although the governments of the affected states like Lagos, Ogun and Fct are tackling the issue of crime activities the best way they can, but the priority of the government currently is to flatten the curve of Covid-19 in the states and the country at large. Thus most perpetrators get away with their crime.

Dispute Over Kayne West Latest Billionaire Status According To Forbes Richest List.

 If you could vividly recall one of the most remarkable events in music industry in 2019, was Kayne West becoming a born again and releasing the highly succesful Sunday service album. Looks like it keeps getting better for the rapper and fashion mogul.

Bringing Out The Best Part Of Yourself.

According to Ralph Emerson "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to become". So Here's a question you should ask yourself, have you become the best person you can be? Of course you haven't, infact the best part of yourself is still buried inside, and it's yearning to emerge. Your best is yet to come, and only you can stop yourself from becoming the best you can become. Bringing out the best part of yourself is your biggest game changer.