Angelina Jolie will not settle Brad Pitt and Maddox's quarrel. She gives her reason.

It is no longer news that angelina jolie and brad pitt's oldest son Maddox had been at loggerhead with his dad brad pitt, and the complicated relationship between the father and son had been sour for a while now.
Recently Maddox turned 18, and went off to south korea's university, he was accompanied by his mother, jolie. But ever since Maddox left for college, his father Brad pitt had not visited him.

7 Confidence Building Techniques

The word” confidence” according to dictionary means self assurance, or a feeling of firm trust in one’s self or others. Most people tend to under achieve due to low confidence level, I’ve met a lot of people, who have regrets because they were limited from achieving their goals in life as a result of lack of confidence. From personal experience, I once performed averagely in a presentation due to anxiety and lack of self assurance. So low  confidence level can be detrimental in a massive way.
You can boost your confidence level, may be you want to apply for a job, but you are scared of taking another interview, perhaps you’ve had few bad ones, or you have feelings for someone, but you are too shy to express yourself, perhaps you are being bullied and you can’t stand for yourself, or you need a career change, but you are scared of failure or starting afresh, or you want to close a deal, but you are apprehensive it won’t work out, whatever your limitations are.

Empire star Terrence Howard quits acting career. "He's bowing out with final season of Empire Tv series"

As the popular saying goes “everything has an end, be it good or bad”, Empire Television series lead star has confirmed that he would be quitting his acting career, or should we say retire. The veteran actor dropped the hint, during an interview with Extra. 
The show host asked him, what’s next for him after the final season of Empire, which has been running for 5 seasons and it’s 6th season would wrap up the show.

Hot!!!! 8 Super Tips For Looking Younger....

Aging is one of the inevitable occurrences in humans life cycle,  and it plays a lot of roles in our appearance. But, does aging really have to affect our look adversely? No, it depends on your lifestyle, don’t forget a popular saying “ age is just a number”, yes I’ve seen 20 years old looking 50, and I’ve seen 80 years old looking 40. It’s all about your approach to life, and how you care for yourself. You don’t have to break a bank or invest heavily in cosmetics in order to look younger.All you need do, is to utilize the” 8 special tips for looking younger”, which had really worked for me and millions of people across the world. So let’s see the highlights.