Easy Tips For Acne Free Skin In 2020.....Clear Skin.

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin conditions, which cuts across all age brackets, race and socio-economic demography. Irrespective of who we are or where we come from, humans are susceptible to have acne at a particular point in their lives.
Although acne, differs in degree from mild pimples to chronic pimples and other forms of skin condition, the fact remains, it is not healthy for our skin and it has it's adverse effect both physically and health wise. Thus the following tips would help curtail acne outbreak on our skin.

Crime Story: A University Undergraduate Killed His Girlfriend With Sex.

A case may be sad and hilarious simultaneously, such is the case of a male student of federal university of otueke bayelsa.It was reported that Somtochukwu Okoro 21, an undergraduate at the afored mentioned university, had issue of weak sexual performance and his girl friend Linda 24, who was also a student at the same university had been complaining of his inability to satisfy her sexually.

Bad girl riri "Rihanna" Shuts Down Beyoncé's Oscar After Party.

Fashion mogul and music icon Bad girl riri popularly known has Rihanna, had taken the fashion world by storm, ever since she went on music hiatus, so as to focus on her beauty line "Fenty  Beauty", which has been highly successful ever since it's launching in September 2017.