7 Lifestyle habits that make you age faster..

Although we all wish the idea of fountain of youth was a reality, because no one wants to look old irrespective of their age, but unfortunately, there's no fountain of youth, other than a controlled and healthy lifestyle. Millions of people around the world, spend a fortune daily, so as to maintain their youthful look, because the world is shifting towards the idea of longer life span and skin radiance. That's why we have different articles on lifestyle, aiming towards longevity of humans skin and life in general. For example, the vegetarians are opined that consumption of meat brings about fast aging effects, while some people practice meditation and yoga, all in the pursuit of youthfulness.

Romance!!! Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell dating rumors..

We all know by now, that former one direction's boy wonder "Liam Payne" has a thing for super hot older women. Liam who is 25 for a while now has been flirting with one of the world most renowned super model, Naomi Campbell 48 on social media. 
It seems the singer and super hot model at beginning to take things to the next level.
Liam 25 and Naomi 48 were recorded by Nigerian music mogul Davido Adeleke, attending a musical concert in London's O2 arena on Jan 28. Liam placed his arm affectionately around Naomi's back, which suggests a lot.

Custody battle!!! Rob Kardashian battles with Black Chyna over the full custody of their daughter Dream.

The kardashians had always have a flare for the dramatic, and this time around it's their brother Rob, who is currently furious at his baby mama over the way she has been raising their 2 year old daughter, Dream. 
Rob felt she's not a good mother figure for their daughter and wants to take full responsibility pertaining the care of dream.
Recently, Blac Chyna had  gotten in to a violent fight with her now ex-boyfriend Kid Buu in Hawaii, and in the process, abandoned their daughter.

Emotional!!! Brutally attacked "Empire" star Jussie Smollett "Jamal" gets heartfelt messages from celebrities.

Just when you thought some sensitive issues like racism and sexual discrimination has been tackled by a progressive country like " The united states of America", new inhumane developments keeps fouling the idea.
Currently, the Chicago police department is investigation, a heinous hate crime committed against our beloved, Jussie Smollett, popularly known as "Empire" case "Jamal Lyon".

5 Easiest ways to lose belly fats....

Over the years, the issue of excess belly fats had been a crucial and predominant one, plaguing both men, women and even children. Excess belly fat had been reported through many researches to be associated with heart diseases and diabetes, apart from the health risks it pose, most people find it disturbing when it comes to their physical appearance and clothes fitting. Hence, millions of people across the world invest their time, money and effort to tackle the excess fat in their abdomen, some even go for cosmetic surgery, so astro achieve a hour glass shape, while some call it figured eight.

Shocking!!!! The game just implied he slept with Kylie Jenner

The game surely knows how to stir up a scandalous uproar. Several times, he had implied he slept with half the kardashian/Jenner clan. And just recently he had raised the point again.
Last Thursday night, the game specifically implied, he also slept with Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the kardashians. He dropped the line like a bomb, after he gave the gory details of how he ejaculated in kim's mouth and she swallowed the whole content. Crazy, isn't it? And here's his line about Kylie. “Her sister made a billion in makeup/I used to make her frosted flakes when she wakes up," he was definitely suggesting he had Kylie on his bed all through the night, and a lot went down, such that he made a light breakfast of frosted flakes for her.

5 types of people to move with...

Humans are always in pursuit of happiness and self fulfilment, but their efforts become futile, because they are surrounded by the wrong kind of people. Findings had shown that a lot of factors have effect on one's happiness and success, but the most predominant of it all, are the people we surround ourselves with, because to an extent, they influence us either positively or otherwise. It is important to observe the kind of people we keep around, perhaps the happiness we seek, lies with either change of friends or change of environment, but most importantly, there are 5 types people you should keep around, if you really want to achieve your dreams and attain a grand level of happiness. Here it is...

Sizzling Hot!!!! Celine Dion goes braless again..

Our favorite song bird of all time, Celine Dion may be 50 years, but she's not to be trifled with in the edgy fashion style. She may live a conservative lifestyle,but she definitely loves to look overly hot and sexy, and she occasionally loves to show her cleavage, although she almost suffered a nip slip this time around. 
During Paris Fashion Week on Jan. 25. The "power of love" songstress  took her style to a bold new level in a stunning braless black jumpsuit with a deeply cut V-neckline that displayed a massive part of her cleavage.

7 Lifestyle habits affecting weight loss...

Generally, it is believed that appearance matters a lot, in every spectrum of life, and people would give anything to look their best. That's why the cosmetic and fashion industry generates billions of dollars yearly. One of the most important factors influencing appearance is weight, one can be either can be categorised into obesity or emaciation. Therefore an equillibrum is required, and people spend so much time in gym, while some spend their money on slimming pills, cosmetic surgery, some even observe deliberate starvation, still no visible results is achieved, and hence people become frustrated or discouraged.
Some of the lifestyle habits we rarely observe or take serious could actually be militating against the achievement of desired physical appearance as regard body weight.

Loyalty!!!! The Jenner sisters displayed love and support for rape accused chris brown.

It is so awesome to know someone has your back in your trying times. Kendal and Kylie Jenner topped the chart of true friendship.
It's no secret Chris Brown was detained by Paris police for nearly 24 hours on Jan. 21-22 after shocking allegations of rape were made against him. 

How to thrive in the fashion business.

In recent times, fashion has taken a massive leap in terms of style, trends and demands, hence making it a lucrative business. Humans are generally drawn to businesses that have promising potentials profit wise, thus, millions of people around the world are starting new clothing lines, stores while some are expanding, to cater for the continuous increase in demands for clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories.
 It could be observed that, the competition amongst brands in the fashion business across all level, be it retail or wholesale, is becoming fiercer by the day. And it takes creativity and dynamism for the big names in the business to thrive.
I'm going to highlight few effective tips on how to thrive in the fashion business, irrespective of what level you are operating.